Increasing understanding on climate change through public discourse analyse and stakeholders modelling

Bilateral research between

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU),Norway

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN), Romania

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Climate change corpus: xml format


As project output, we will develop a tool able to automatically identify arguments, their reasons, and supporting evidence in unstructured text. We aim to identify common patterns of arguments conveyed by opposing parties, their justifications relative to historical and present regional contexts, or current norms. We will also analyse the usage of evidence-based [2] arguments versus subjective arguments. We are also interested in stakeholder modeling that have different domain knowledge and perspectives on the possible solution to a given problem.

Context of the application

Our focus is on climate change and public opinion about it. There are some skepticism about whether is human-generated. There is also the need to distinguish between arguments conveyed by expert and non-expert agents.

To increase the understanding of various arguments and pieces of evidence conveyed in the public arena we rely on textual entailment and the newly argumentation mining technology, that combines natural language processing with argumentation theory.

About the Project

EEA Grants, Norway Grants, RO01- Technical Assistance and Bilateral National Funds, Measure I - Support for Travel

Duration: 2 September 2016- 1 December 2016

Contract number: 73264/02.09.2016

Grant value: 36.026,40 RON


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