Main research areas:

  • Environment perception for autonomous vehicles
  • Pedestrian and obstacle detection
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Perception using monocular vision, stereo vision and velodyne data
  • Optimization of perception approaches for real-time applications

Projects involved in:

UP-Drive - Automated Urban Parking and Driving, Horizon 2020 project (2016-2019)
Visual perception for autonomous vehicles

Driver assistance systems - Robert Bosch GmbH (2013-present)
Stereo vision based visual perception for vehicles

PAN-Robots - Plug&Navigate robots for smart factories, FP7 project (2012-2015)
Obstacle detection and classification for automated ground vehicles (AGVs)

CoMoSeF - Co-operative Mobility Services of the Future, Celtic Plus project (2012-2015)
Pedestrian detection in traffic environments for mobile devices

INSEMTIVES - Incentives for Semantics, FP7 project (2010-2012)
Automatic recognition of visual content for image and video data. Development of web services for generating semantic annotations.