YEAR 2007:


Volume 48, Number 4/2007

·         Ana-Maria Ersilia ANCA, “Extraction and Analysis of Diurnal Fade Variability and Slope from Slant Path KA Band Radiometer Measurements” pp.1-8 (abstract)

·         Ancuta MOLDOVAN, Tudor PALADE, “Digital FLL Detector for Satellite Beacon Receivers”, pp.9-14 (abstract)

·         Jozsef DOMOKOS, Gavril TODEREAN, “Frame by Frame Phoneme Classification using MLP”, pp.15-18, (abstract)

·         Irina DORNEAN, Marina TOPA, Botond Sandor KIREI, Erwin SZOPOS, “FPGA Implementation of the Adaptive Least Mean Square Algorithm”, pp.19-22, (abstract)

·         R. MALUTAN, P. GOMEZ VILDA, M. BORDA, F. DIAZ, “Estimation Reliability of Microarray Data using High Order Statistics”, pp.23-26, (abstract)

·         Nicolae CRISAN, Ligia CREMENE, “Analysis of High Power MEMS Varactors for RF and Microwaves Integrated Circuits”, pp. 27-31, (abstract)

·         Gabriel OLTEAN, Botond Sandor KIREI, Irina DORNEAN, Ioana OLTEAN, “Model-Based Design and FPGA Implementation of Control Systems”, pp.32-37, (abstract)

·         Annamaria MESAROS, Simina MOLDOVAN, “Methods for Singing Voice Identification using Energy Coefficients as Features”, pp.38-41, (abstract)


Volume 48, Number 3/2007

·         Mihai ROMANCA, Iuliu SZEKELY, Sorin COCORADA, “IP Camera Surveillance System With Automated Recording” pp1-4 (abstract)

·         Cristian Mihai VANCEA, Virgil DOBROTA,Monitoring Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks Using SNMP” pp.5-8 (abstract)

·         Ancuta Sanda BUZILA, Gabriel LAZAR, Tudor BLAGA, Virgil DOBROTA, “Evaluation of QoS Parameters for IPTV” pp.9-14 (abstract)

·         Sorin COCORADĂ,  “Multicast vs. Unicast Transmission for Wireless IP Camera Surveillance Systems” pp.15-18 (abstract)

·         Radu ARSINTE, “Aspects of Entertainment Distribution in An Intelligent Home Environment” pp.19-22 (abstract)

·         Gheorghe MORARIU, Marian ALEXANDRU, Adrian MAILAT, „Selective Distance Detecting and Locating System” pp.23-26 (abstract)

·         Marian ALEXANDRU, Mihai ROMANCA, Petre OGRUTAN, „Remote Temperature Recording Using Bluetooth Technology” pp.27-30 (abstract)

·         Dorin PETREUS, Niculaie PALAGHITA, Zoltan JUHOS, „A System for Building Automation Supplied From a Solar Panel” pp.31-35 (abstract)

·         Tudor SAMUILA, Bogdan ORZA, Aurel VLAICU, „Open Systems in Building Management: Lon Works vs. BACnet pp.36-40 (abstract)

·         Florin SANDU, Daniel IOLU, „Embedded Web-Servers for Remote Control in Domotics pp.41-44 (abstract)

·         Petre OGRUTAN, Mihai ROMANCA, Csaba-Zoltan KERTESZ, „A Multisensor GPRS-Based Security System for Intelligent Building” pp.45-48 (abstract)

·         Radu VASIU, Muguras MOCOFAN, Mircea ABUCEANU , „Redundancy for the Security Systems in a Smart Building Using Internet (WEB) and GSM (SMS) Technologies” , pp.49-53 (abstract)

·         Radu VASIU, Muguras MOCOFAN, Iulia RADU „Sceneries Control for Smart Buildings Using Relational Databases” , pp.54-57 (abstract)


Volume 48, Number 2/2007

·         Radu ARSINTE , “Study of a Hybrid - Analog TV and Ethernet - Home Data Link Using a Coaxial Cable”, pp.1-5 (abstract)

·         Petre G. POP, “Web Analytics: a Short Overview (I)”, pp.6-14 (abstract)

·         Ligia CREMENE, Nicolae CRISAN, Tudor PALADE, “5GHz Indoor and Outdoor Measurements”, pp.14-19 (abstract)

·         Nicolae CRISAN, “Using Advanced EM_CAD Programs to Estimate Specific Absorption Rate of Human Body” , pp.20-23 (abstract)

·         Arpad Zsolt BODO, Ovidiu BUZA, Gavril TODEREAN, “Acoustic Database for Romanian TTS Synthesis. Design and Realisation Results (I) ”, pp.24-31 (abstract)

·         Arpad Zsolt BODO, Ovidiu BUZA, Gavril TODEREAN, “Realisation Results of a Speech Synthesis Development Environment”, pp.32-37 (abstract)

·         Bogdan Stefan MEREUTA, Mihai LUCANU, Tecla Castelia GORAS, „FPGA Implementation of PWM Modules”, pp. 38-43 (abstract)

·         Aurel VLAICU, Stefan GHERBEA, „Algorithm for Detecting Intersection Points Using a Sweep Line when the Space of Search Contains Both Segments and ARCS”, pp.44-50 (abstract)


Volume 48, Number 1/2007

·         Tudor DURNEA, “On the Properties of Some Particular Data Sequences Used in UWB-PPM System”, pp.1-6 (abstract)

·         Ligia CHIOREAN, Aron SIPOS, Mircea-Florin VAIDA, “Content Based Medical Image Retrieval Using Oracle Intermedia pp. 7-12 (abstract)

·         Ligia Alexandra ONOFREI, Nicolae Dumitru ALEXANDRU, “An Investigation of ISI and ICI Properties for a Family of Offset Ramp Improved Nyquist Filters”, pp.13-20 (abstract)

·         Tudor BLAGA, Gabor HEGEDUS, Virgil DOBROTA, “Experimental Performance Determination of End System Multicast and Hypercast “, pp.21-28 (abstract)

·         Anca DISCANT, Alexandrina ROGOZAN, Corneliu RUSU, Ahdelaziz BENSRHAIR, “Sensors for Obstacle Detection in Traffic Scene Situation” , pp.29 – 34 (abstract)

·         Norbert TOMA, Marina Dana TOPA, Erwin SZOPOS , “Design and Performance Analysis of Reverberation Algorithms “ pp.35-43 (abstract)


YEAR 2006:


Volume 47, Number 4/2006

·         B S KIREI, A FAZAKAS, Marina TOPA, “Matlab Modeling and FPGA Implementation of Neuronal Algorithms for Blind Audio Signal Separation”, pp. 1-6 (abstract)

·         Zsolt Alfred POLGAR, Vasile BOTA, Mihaly VARGA, “Modeling the Rayleigh-Faded Mobile Radio Channel”, pp.7-13 (abstract)

·         Mircea-Florin VAIDA, Valeriu TODICA, “Echographic Measurements using an Image Processing Application”, pp.14-19 (abstract)

·         Vasile BOTA, Zsolt Alfred POLGAR, Mihaly VARGA, “Performance Evaluation of H-ARQ Adaptive Coded QAM Transmissions over Multipath Mobile Channel”, pp.20-25 (abstract)

·         Alexandru BIKFALVI, Paul PATRAS, Cristian Mihai VANCEA, Virgil DOBROTA, “The Management Infrastructure of a Network Measurement System for QoS Parameters”, pp.26-31 (abstract)


Volume 47, Number 3/2006

·         Nicolae CRISAN, “FEC Performance Evaluation for 2-11 GHz IEEE 802.16a Single Carrier System”, pp.1-6 (abstract)

·         Petre G. POP, “Genomic Signal Processing (III): Finding DNA Approximate Tandem Repeats”, pp. 7-16 (abstract)

·         Sanda PORUMB, Cosmin PORUMB, Bogdan ORZA, Aurel VLAICU, “Advanced Concepts for eLearning Platforms”, pp.17-20 (abstract)

·         Bogdan ORZA, Aurel VLAICU, Laura GRINDEI, “Integrated Environment for Distant Management of Tumors”, pp.21-25 (abstract)

·         Laura GRINDEI, Aurel VLAICU, Bogdan ORZA, “Designing On Line Evaluation Tests for eLearning”, pp.25-31 (abstract)


Volume 47, Number 2/2006

·         Mircea-Florin VAIDA, Tatiana HODOROGEA, “DNA Security between Technical and Spiritual Concepts”, pp.1-8 (abstract)

·         Radu ARSINTE,”Effective Video Processing Architectures for Face Recognition Algorithms Implementations”, pp.9-13 (abstract)

·         Petre G. POP, Eugen LUPU,”Voice Biometrics”, pp.14-29 (abstract)

·         Laura KOVACS, Anca DISCANT, Carol RUS, Sorina DEMEA, “Comparing Methods for Extraction of Relevant Information of Iris”, pp.30-33 (abstract)

·         Marius TICO, “Fingerprint Based Biometric Methods”, pp.34-41 (abstract)

·         Eugen LUPU, Petre G. POP, “An Overview of Biometrics”, pp.42-56 (abstract)

·         Vasile Vlad MOCA, “TESPAR a Biometric Time Domain Approach to Speaker Recognition”, pp.57-61 (abstract)


Volume 47, Number 1/2006

·         Cosmin STRILETCHI, “A Software Approach to the Secured Distribution of Multimedia Data (Video on Demand)”, pp.1-6 (abstract)

·         Mustapha BENGHANEM, Azeddine DRAOU, “A New Control and Harmonics Elimination Methods for a Static VAR Compensator Using a Three Level (N.P.C) Inverter”, pp.7-14 (abstract)

·         Liviu NEDELEA, Marina TOPA, Marius NEAG, Lelia FESTILA, “A Framework for Designing Cascaded Analog Filters Tailored to Multiple Requirements”, pp.15-22 (abstract)

·         ZsoltPOLGAR, Florin ARDELEAN, Vasile BOTA, Mihaly VARGA, “LDPC Codes for High Bit-rate Mobile Communications Types of Codes and Performance Evaluation”, pp. 23-28 (abstract)

·         Albert FAZAKAS, Marius NEAG, “A Novel High-Speed Voltage Buffer with Low dc Offset and Optimized Step Response”, pp.29-32 (abstract)

·         Radu ARSINTE, “Effective Methods to Analyze Satellite Link Quality Using the Build-in Features of the DVB-S Card”, pp.33-36 (abstract)

·         Gabriel OLTEAN Mihaela GORDAN, Sorin HINTEA, “A Partially Sequential-Partially Parallel Analog Implementation of a SVM Classifier”, pp.37-42 (abstract)

YEAR 2005:


Volume 46, Number 2/2005 (Abstracts)

·         Ligia CHIRA, Tudor PALADE"Adaptive Radio Techniques at 5GHz" , pp.1-6.

·         Petre G. POP, Eugen LUPU"Genomic Signal Processing(II). Fourier Analysis, A Short Review" , pp.7-14.

·         Radu ARSINTE, "Implementing a Test Strategy for an Advanced Video Acquisition and Processing Architecture" , pp.15-20.

·         Gabriel Oltean, Emilia SIPOS"Adjustable from Zero Voltage Regulator Using Only One 723 Integrated Circuit" , pp.21-26.

·         Norbert TOMA, Marina Dana TOPA, Erwin SZOPOS, "Reverberation Algorithms" , pp.27-34.

·         Albert A. FAZAKAS, "Representation and Comparison of BJT AC Parameters Using PSpice" , pp.35-40.

·         Mihaela GORDAN, Costin MIRON, Ioan STOIAN, Odysseas TSATOS, Apostolos GEORGAKIS, Ovidiu DANCEA, "A Vision-Based Fuzzy Expert System for the Surveillance and Diagnosis of Hidrodams Using Underwater Color Image Analysis" , pp.41-48.

·         Lelia FESTILA, R. GROZA, Mihaela CARLUGEA, Albert FAZAKAS, "A Systematic Design of Long-Domain Filters", pp.49-56.

·         Mihai V. BUD, Tudor T. PALADE, "Millimetre Radiowave Rain Fade Slope and Fade Duration Statistics", pp.57-62.


Volume 46, Number 1/2005 (Abstracts)

·         Nicolaos PAPADAKIS, Dimitrios SKOUTAS, Konstantinos RAFTOPOULOS, Theodora VARVARIGOU, "A Statistical Approach for Efficient Web Data Mining" , pp.1-7.

·         Ovidiu BUZA, Kalman PUSZTAI, Mircea VAIDA, "Multimedia presentations generator for streaming audio-video content over the Internet" , pp.8-15.

·         Cristian Matei RUS, Sorin HINTEA, "Corner frequency programming strategy for low pass filters in software defined radio" , pp.16-19.

·         Mihaela CIRLUGEA, "Behavioural blocks for a more precise calculus of some PSPIFCE functions" , pp.20-27.

·         Zsolt Alfred POLGAR, Vasile BOTA, Mihaly VARGA, "Approximation of the Frequency Characteristics of Standard Vocal Telephone Channels Using Digital Filters with Finite Impulse Resonance" , pp.28-35.

·         Aurel VLAICU, Cosmin PORUMB, Sanda PORUMB, "Rich Client Concept in Interactive Learning" , pp.35-39.

·         Petre G. POP, Victor I. POP, Eugen LUPU, "Genomic Signal Processing" , pp.40-47.

·         Tudor PALADE, Nicolae CRISAN, Emanuel PUSCHITA, Ligia CHIRA, "Broadband Services for Everyone Over Fixed Wireless Access Networks" , pp.48-49.


YEAR 2004:


Volume 45, Number 2/2004 (Abstracts)

·         Denis E. ARTEMKIN, "Forecasting ANN Models Based on Time Series Analysis Using Non-Uniform Distribution of Training Sample Number" , pp.1-6.

·         Bogdan ORZA, Mircea GIVAN, Aurel VLAICU, "Implementing the Discrete Cosine Transform as a New Component of IMAQ Vision Library" , pp.7-10.

·         Ch. Z. PATRIKAKIS, N. MINOGIANNIS, Y. DESPOTOPOULOS, P. FAFALI, "Implementing a Media Relay Scheme for Real Time Streaming at the Application Layer" , pp.11-17.

·         Catalin-Daniel CALEANU, Mugur MOCOFAN, Valentin MARANESCU, "Benchmarking Feedforward Neural Networks Training Algorithms" , pp.18-23.

·         Catalin-Daniel CALEANU, Mugur MOCOFAN, Valentin MARANESCU, "Tree Content Based Search Algorithm for an Image Databases" , pp.24-29.

·         Valeriu MUNTEANU, Daniela TARNICERIU, "A New Method for Establishing the Transfer Function of Optimum Filters" , pp.30-33.

·         Nicolae CRISAN, "Maximum Range Planning for 2.4GHz WLAN Networks" , pp.34-37.

·         Vasile PATRASCU, "Image Enhancement Methods Using High Order Statistics" , pp.38-47.


Volume 45, Number 1/2004 (Abstracts)

·         S. HINTEA, Albert FAZAKAS, Mihaela CIRLUGEA, "Developing a Control System for an Elevator Using XC4000XL Family of XILINX FPGA" , pp.1-4.

·         A. MESAROS, E. LUPU, "Musical Instrument Class Identification Using Cepstral Coefficients Derived from a Constant Q Transform" , pp.5-10.

·         Ovidiu URSARU, Alexandru DIORDIEV, Cristian AGHION, Liviu TIGAERU , "Averaged Modeling of Converters Operating in Continuous and Discontinuous Conduction Mode – Reduced Order Model " , pp.11-16.

·         Gabor CSIPKES, Doris CSIPKES, "Operational Transconductance Amplifier for Filtering in High Frequency IF Sampling Receivers" , pp.17-22.

·         Liviu NEDELEA, Albert FAZAKAS, Lelia FESTILA, "An External Software for Controlling the PSPICE Simulator" , pp.23-28.

·         Doris CSIPKES, Gabor CSIPKES, "Image Reject Receiver Architectures for Wireless Communications – Performance Analysis" , pp.29-34.

·         Petre G. POP, Eugen LUPU, "The Influence of Features Coefficients Sequences in Speaker Recognition" , pp.35-38.

·         Martin SZEKELY, Tudor PALADE, Emanuel PUSCHITA, "Performance Analysis of the WCDMA Downlink Channel" , pp.39-42.

·         Eugen LUPU, Petre G. POP, Ervin KRAINICS, "Low-complexity System for Speaker Recognition" , pp.43-50.

·         Daniela IONESCU, Nicolae Dumitru ALEXANDRU, "Dielectric Properties Analysis of a Nematic Liquid Crystal at Microwave Frequencies," , pp.51-54.

·         Mircea-Florin VAIDA, Jozsef DOMOKOS, "Implementation of a Medical Multimedia Database Considering Oracle and J2EE Platform" , pp.55-60.

·         Dragos BURILEANU, Cristian NEGRESCU, Victor CROITORU, Mihai SIMA , "On Using Simulated Data for Speech Recognition over Telephone Channels" , pp.61-68.

·         Radu ARSINTE, Ciprian ILIOAIEI, "Some Aspects of Testing Process for Transport Streams in Digital Video Broadcasting" , pp.69-74.

·         Silviu Titus MOLDOVAN, Mircea-Florin VAIDA, Gavril TODEREAN, "Distributed Image Processing Application Considering CORBA and XML Technology" , pp.75-80.

·         Mircea GIURGIU, Nikos BOGONIKOLOS, Luis LIZAMA, "Training Materials and the Pedagogical Model Implemented on the “Concorde” Web Platform for Open and Distance Education" , pp.81-83.

·         Mircea GIURGIU, Vito CARIOCA, "On-line Resources and Training Materials in Alfa Version of Octopus Project" , pp.84-86.


YEAR 2003:


Volume 44, Number 2/2003 (Abstracts)

·         Osman UCAN, Onur OSMAN, Omer ERKAN, "Repeating Space Time Codes for Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation" , pp.1-5.

·         Florin BABARADA, Camelia DUNARE, Marcel PROFIRESCU, Claudiu AMZA, Eugen LAKATOS, "Nitride and Polysilicon Etching in Parallel Plate Plasma" , pp.6-10.

·         Gabor CSIPKES, Doris LUPEA, "High Frequency, Narrow Bandwidth Band-pass Filter Synthesis Based on GM-C Biquads Using Q-enhancement " , pp.11-14.

·         Cosmin STRILETCHI, Mircea VAIDA, "Security Issues Regarding Web Distributed Applications" , pp.15-20.

·         Evi TSOLAKOU, Anastasios DOULAMIS, Nikolaos DOULAMIS, "Traffic Control Mechanisms in Large Scale IP Networks" , pp.21-28.

·         Nicolae CRISAN, "Adaptive Interpolation Between Biomedical Slices, using Inter-correlation between Voxels " , pp.29-32.

·         Gabriel OLTEAN, Mihai CRASI, "Automatic Removal of Noisy Data from Data Sets. Application in Circuit Functions Modelling " , pp.33-38.

·         Vasile PATRASCU, "Gray Level Image Enhancement Method Using the Logarithmic Model" , pp.39-44.


Volume 44, Number 1/2003 (Abstracts)

·         Michael LOGOTHETIS, Ioannis NIKOLAOU, George KOKKINAKIS, "Channel capacity Design In Integrated Self-Healing Networks" , pp.1-8.

·         Vasile PATRASCU, "Fuzzy image Enhancement Using the Logarhitmic Model" , pp.9-14.

·         Vasile BOTA, Zsolt A. POLGAR, "Some Aspects Regarding the Error Performances of the LDPC Codes Decoded with the Message Passing Algorithm" , pp.15-22.

·         Rodica BACIU, "A model for Adaptive Hypermedia Systems" , pp.23-28.

·         Niculaie PALAGHITA, Dan MICU, Cristian FARCAS, Dorin PETREUS, "A Novel Energy Recovery Snubber" , pp.29-32.

·         Dan Gh. T. POPA, Corneliu I. TOMA, "On The Study of the Motion with Doppler Systems with Active Fixed Referential" , pp.33-38.

·         Petre G. Pop, Eugen LUPU, Gavril TODEREAN, "TESPAR Alphabet Generation Using Standard VQ and Kohonen NN" , pp.39-42.

·         Radu BALAN, Alin GLIGA, "Applications with Atmel AVR RISC Microcontrolers" , pp.43-46.

·         Radu BALAN, Alin GLIGA, "Closed-Loop Identification in Adaptive Control: Simulations and Experiments" , pp.46-50.

·         Doris LUPEA, Gabor CSIPKES , "Modular Design of Gm-C State Variable Filters for Approximations with Arbitrary Transmission Zeroes " , pp.51-56.



YEAR 2002:


Volume 43, Number 2/2002 (Abstracts)

·         Osman N. UCAN, Onur OSMAN, Omer ERKAN, "Repeating Space Time Codes For Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation," , pp.1-5.

·         Lelia FESTILA, Albert FAZAKAS, Mihaela CARLUGEA , "Some Exponential Structures Used In Linear Applications," , pp.6-11.

·         Ioannis D. MOSCHOLIOS, Michael D. LOGOTHETIS, George K. KOKKINAKIS, "Evaluation Of Fair Bandwidth Allocation Policies For Elastic Traffic Through A Linear Programming Model," , pp.12-19.

·         Romulus TEREBES, Olivier LAVIALLE, Pierre BAYLOU, Monica BORDA, "Orientation Driven Diffusion," , pp.20-24.

·         Mircea-Florin VAIDA, Dinu CHIRA, "Web Design Facilities For Distance Learning Perspective," , pp.25-28.

·         Vasile BOTA, Zsolt A. POLGAR, "On The Approximate Digital Generation Of Uniform And Gaussian Distributed Noise Signals," , pp.29-34.

·         Doris LUPEA, Gabor CSIPKES, "A Modular Approach To State Variable Gm-C Filter Design," , pp.35-42.

·         Petre G. POP, Gavril TODEREAN, "Comparison Of Feature Parameters Used In Speaker Recognition," , pp.43-46.

·         Mircea GIURGIU, Lynn CONNAUGHTON, Luis LIZAMA, Manolis CHRISOSTALIS, Simona COSCIA, Dana BENEA, Daniel DON, "CONCORDE: Vocational Training Through Open And Distance Education," , pp.47-49.

·         Vito CARIOCA, Rui GAIBINO, Antonio MEDINA, Tiberio F. MURIAS,Mircea GIURGIU, Joao C. CHOURICO, Luis SANTOS, George VAVIZOS, "OCTOPUS: An Approach For A Transnational On-Line Resource Center," , pp.50-51.


Volume 42, Number 1/2002 (Abstracts)

·         Nicolae CRISAN, "New Evaluation Criteria For Edge Detection Algorithms Selection," , pp.1-6.

·         Dorin PETREUS, Niculae PALAGHITA, Cristian FARCAS, "Drive Circuit For Induction Motor," , pp.7-10.

·         Zsolt A. POLGAR, Gavril TODEREAN, "On The Error Performances Of The Transmission Systems Employing Error Correcting Codes And Partial Response Filtering," , pp.11-16.

·         Liliana VORNICU, "Period – Deadline Single Pair Selection Method In Real – Time Complex Systems," , pp.17-20.

·         Gabriel OLTEAN, Costin MIRON, "Analog Design: Multiobjective Optimization Method Based On Fuzzy Logic," , pp.21-26.

·         Valentin DEAC, Monica BORDA, "Secure Client–Server Connecting Protocol Using Araki-Uehara-Imamura Digital Signatures," , pp.27-31.

·         Victor POPESCU, "Multiple – Reflections In Plane Dielectric Walls," , pp.32-37.

·         Mihaela CÂRLUGEA, Albert FAZAKAS, Lelia FESTILA, "Analysis Method Of Log-Domain Circuits Based On Behavioral F-F Models," , pp.38-47.

·         Monica BORDA, "Digital Watermarking Basics," , pp.48-59.

·         Reka MAJOR, Valentin DEAC, Monica Borda, Graham WADE, Cristian SERDEAN, "Digital Watermarking Using Hash Functions," , pp.60-65.



YEAR 2001:


Volume 41, Number 2/2001 (Abstracts)

·         N. Crisan, "New Technique in 3D Medical CT Images Rendering Using Open GL or DirectX Technologies", pp.1-6.

·         M. Vaida, Ovidiu Buza, "Interactive Internet-Intranet Documents With Image Processing Facilities", pp.6-12.

·         T. Palade, "Intelligent Antennas for Future Wireless Communication ", pp.12-24.

·         Z. Polgar, V. Bota, "Some Considerations Regarding the Digital Synthesys for the Sinusoidal Signals Employing Recurence Relations and Table Look-up", pp.24-32.

·         P. Pop, M. Vlad, "Induction Hardening Computer Aided Design ", pp.32-36.

·         P. Horovcak, "The Influence of Network Factors on Process Monitoring ", pp.36-45.


Volume 41, Number 1/2001 (Abstracts)

·         I. V. Pletea, I. Bogdan, N. Alexandru, "Secure Communications Systems using the TMCS320C5x DSP", pp.1-6.

·         T. Palade, "A Method for Predicting Error Performance and Unavailability Due to Rain Attenuation", pp.6-10.

·         P. Pop, "Perceptual Speech Analysis ", pp.10-14.

·         V. Bota, Z. Polgar, "Some Aspects Regarding the Digital Generation of the (co) Sinusoidal Signals Employing the Taylor Series Decomposition ", pp.14-22.

·         I. Pletea, D. Alexa, "DSP Solutions for BDLC Motors ", pp.22-29.

·         D. Zinca, V. Dobrota, C. M. Vancea, "Performance Evaluation of Layer 4 Switching in IPv6 versus IPv4 ", pp.29-35.

·         G. Oltean, "Fuzzy Computing of Initial Solutions in Analog Circuits Design Optimization ", pp.35-41.

·         D. Lupea, "An Improved Synthesis Method Based on State Variables of Gm-C Filters ", pp.41-45.

·         N. Palaghita, D. Petreus, C. Farcas, A. Borca, "Parallel Driving ", pp.45-50.

·         N. Palaghita, D. Petreus, A. Borca, C. Farcas, "The Inverter Input Current Ripples Using Delta Modulation", pp.50-57.

·         O. Pop, G. Chindris, S. Plesa, "Spice Model for Quasi-Resonant Converters Control Circuit ", pp.57-63.

·         V. Popescu, I. Saracut, "The Hyperbolic Approximation of Some Nonlinear Magnetization Characteristics ", pp.63-69.

·         V. Popescu, I. Saracut, "PSpice Models of Nonlinear Inductance at Low Currents ", pp.69-75.

·         R. Terebes, "Non-Parametric Curvature Estimation for Gray Scale Images ", pp.75-78.



YEAR 2000:


Volume 40, Number 2/2000 (Abstracts)

·         L. Dimitriu, L. Vornicu "Two Can Buses Real-Time Complex System", pp.1-5.

·         C. Botoca "Asssociative Memories on Cellular Neural Networks Using the Eigen Values Decomopsition Method", pp.5-9.

·         A. Z. Bodo, R. Terebes, M. Borda "A Watershed Algorithm and it's Application in Image Segmentation", pp.9-13.

·         P. Cotae, F. Diaconu "On Generalized Welch Multisets Sequences for Syncronous CDMA Channels", pp.13-17.

·         G. Oltean, M. Gordan, I. Oltean "A New Method to Deduce the Voltage Tranfer Characteristic for some Two-Part Networks", pp.17-21.

·         A. Vlaicu, N. Crisan, R. Lucian "Surface Rendering of Medical Images", pp.21-27.

·         V. Olariu, S. Olariu "Programmable Pseudo-Random Generator"", pp.27-31.

·         L. Vornicu, L. Dimitriu "A Real-Time Applications and Non-Real Time Applications Executing Algorithm", pp.31-37.

·         Z. A. Polgar, G. Toderean "Study of the Performances of Digital Automatic Gain Control Methods Based on the Energy of the Received Signal", pp.37-45.

·         M. Gordan, E. Meciu "A fast and Simple Approach to Character Recognition by Fuzzy Image Modelling", pp.45-51.

·         V. Olariu, S. Olariu "A Method of Sine ROM Compression in DDS", pp.51-56.

·         D, Pitica, C. Farcas "Some Observations Regarding the Reflection Losses", pp.56-60.

·         M. Vaida, A. Suciu, T. Moldovan "Dedicated Assisted Diagnosis using an Image Analysis Application", pp.60-67.


Volume 40, Number 1/2000 (Abstracts)

·         A. Fratila, E. Lupu, "MIDI Violin Implemented on TMS320C31 DSP Starter Kit", pp.1-7.

·         T. P. Palade, I. Chisalita, N. Crisan, M. Aruncutean, "Quality and Availability in Mobile Satellite Systems", pp.7-13.

·         V. Dobrota, D. Zinca, C. M. Vancea, A. Vlaicu, "Layer 4 Switching in a TCP/IP Environment for the ATM Sources", pp.13-19.

·         M. Lucanu, N. Cozma-Popescu, N. Lucanu "A New Three-Phase Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter", pp.19-25.

·         L. Festila, M. Cirlugea, C. Coltea, C. Rusu "Analog Models for Analysis and Design of some Switch Capacitors Circuits", pp.25-30.

·         G. Oltean, M. Gordan, "Electronic Devices Modelling by Fuzzy Logic Interpolator", pp.30-37.



YEAR 1999:


Volume 39, Number 2/1999 (Abstracts)

·         T. Palade "Performance and avalilability criteria for digital radio-relay and satellite systems", pp.1-9.

·         V. Golumbeanu, P. Svasta "The reflections produced by lumped load of digital signal line", pp.9-15.

·         G. Toderean, A. Balogh, B. Szekely, D. Denes "A simple method for THD-computing ", pp.15-23.

·         M. Breazu, G. Toderean "Region-based fractal image compression using deterministic search", pp.23-27.

·         M. Milian, D. Pazmany "Speeding up the fractal image encoding by six-class statistical classification", pp.27-32.


Volume 39, Number 1/1999 (Abstracts)

·         I. P. Mihu "QRS detection with a sample created template from ECG signal through intercorrelation", pp.1-5.

·         V. Dobrota, D. Zinca "Experimental results of traffic models for burst and data voice sources in ATM networks", pp.5-13.

·         L. Modran "System level modeling of thyristor rectifiers", pp.13-17.

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YEAR 1998:


Volume 38, Number 2/1998 (Abstracts)

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Volume 38, Number 1/1998 (Abstracts)

·         A. Doulamis, N. Doulamis, S. Kollias "Modeling and queuing analysis of variable-bit-rate MPEG video streams", pp.1-9.

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YEAR 1997:


Volume 37, Number 2/1997 (Abstracts)

·         Marius Tico, Serban Lungu, "Segmentation of Fingerprint Images using the ridge Direction", pp.1-4.

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·         Mihaela Cirlugea, "Device Modelling with Evolution Strategies", pp.28-30.


Volume 37, Number 1/1997 (Abstracts)

·         Serban Lungu, Marius Tico, "A Compression Technique for Fingerprint Images", pp1-5.

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·         Andi Circota, "A Modified Wien Oscillator", pp.43-44.


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