After a four year industrial experience, he joined the Technical University from Cluj-Napoca as an assistant professor in 1984. The results obtained in his teaching and research activity, mainly in the areas of sheet metal forming and servo-hydraulics, were published in 18 books (12 as a first author), 85 articles in journals and more than 300 reviewed communications in scientific conferences. He was a member in the scientific committee of over 100 international conferences and chairman of two conferences organized in Cluj-Napoca. He was a member in the jury of 17 PhD theses abroad and he was invited to give lectures in 15 universities from Europe and Asia. He received the "Traian Vuia" award of the Romanian Academy, and the "Lee Hsun" award of the Institute of Metals-Shenyang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and “Star of Romania” National Order (in 2016) of the Romanian President (Highest awards in Romania). He has full time position as a Professor in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. He is currently Director of the Graduate School on Engineering and Management belong the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Prof. Banabic has been the Director of the Scientific Research Department of the Technical University from Cluj-Napoca. He has founded (and is currently director of) the Research Center in Sheet Metal Forming (CERTETA) belonging to the Technical University of Cluj Napoca. He served as President of the Board of Directors of the European Scientific Association for Material Forming (ESAFORM) during 2012-2016.

Prof. Dorel Banabic is a Fellow of The Romanian Academy, The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) and The Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania.

The main areas of scientific interest and activity are: