Dr. Baruch Zoltan Francisc

Computer Architecture

Calendar of the Lectures (2004/2005)


Week Subject Documentation
  1 04.10-08.10 ---  
  2 11.10-15.10 Introduction. Structure of the Physical Machine.
Boolean Algebra Elements
  3 18.10-22.10 Logic Gates. Canonic Forms of Boolean
Functions. Minimization of Boolean Functions
  4 25.10-29.10 Minimization of Boolean Functions (cont.).
Central Processing Unit (CPU). CPU Structure.
Registers. Stack Memory. Instruction Execution
  5 01.11-05.11 Instruction Execution (cont.). Instruction Sets.
Machine Instruction Elements. Assembly
  6 08.11-12.11 Number of Addresses per Instruction. Instruction
  7 15.11-19.11 Instruction Types (cont.). Addressing Modes.
Arithmetic Logic Unit. Circuits for Adding Two
Binary Digits
  8 22.11-26.11 Circuits for Adding Two Binary Digits (cont.).
Serial Adder. Parallel Adder. Direct Multiplication
  9 29.11-03.12 Direct Multiplication (cont.). Booth Multiplication.
Binary Division
10 06.12-10.12 Restoring Division Method. Control Unit.
11 13.12-17.12 Instruction Cycle. Control of the CPU. Internal
CPU Organization
12 03.01-07.01 ---  
13 10.01-14.01 Control Unit Implementation. Hardwired
Control Units. Microprogrammed Control Units
14 17.01-21.01 Memory Unit. Characteristics of Memory Systems.
Semiconductor Memory Types. Cache Memory

Updated: January 24, 2005