Dr. Baruch Zoltan Francisc

Input/Output Systems and
Peripheral Devices

2023/2024 Academic Year

Instructor: Dr.  Zoltan Francisc Baruch

Language: English

Study Year: Dipl. Eng. in Computer Science, 4th Year, 2nd Semester

Teaching Activities

Lectures: 28 hours
Laboratory Sessions: 28 hours

Course Syllabus

Introduction. I/O Systems. Structure of an I/O System. I/O Modules

Methods for I/O Operations. Programmed I/O. Interrupt-Driven I/O. Direct Memory Access (DMA). I/O Processors

Computer Buses. Introduction. Electrical Considerations. Data Transfer Synchronization. Parallel and Serial Buses. Bus Arbitration. PCI Bus. PCI Express Bus. Other Serial Buses: I2C Bus; SPI Bus; USB. VME Bus: Overview; Parallel VME Bus Variants; VXS Bus; VPX Bus

Expansion Modules for Embedded Systems. Requirements for Embedded Systems. VME Modules: Parallel VME Bus Modules; VXS Modules; VPX Modules. CompactPCI Modules: CompactPCI Express Modules; CompactPCI PlusIO Modules; CompactPCI Serial Modules. Mezzanine Modules. COM Express Modules

Computer Displays. Liquid Crystal Displays: Liquid Crystals; Twisted Nematic (TN) Technology; Addressing Techniques; Backlighting Types; Display Parameters; Vertical Alignment (VA) Technology; In-Plane Switching (IPS) Technology. Organic LED Displays: Types of Organic LEDs; Structure and Operation; Passive-Matrix Displays; Active-Matrix Displays; Color Generation Techniques; Transparent Displays; Sub-Pixel Layouts; Advantages and Disadvantages. Electronic Paper Displays: Principle of Operation; Electrophoretic Technology; Color Electrophoretic Technologies; Advantages and Disadvantages; Applications

Graphics Adapters. Structure of a Graphics Adapter. Graphics Memory: Types of Graphics Memories; GDDR 6 Memory; High Bandwidth Memory. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs): GPU Overview; GPU Pipeline; Data-Parallel Architecture; GPGPU Computing; CUDA; NVIDIA Turing TU102 GPU. Display Interfaces: HDMI; DisplayPort

Optical Discs. Classification of Optical Discs. Compact Discs: Compact Disc Physical Medium; Data Organization and Encoding; Optical Read Assembly; CD-R; CD-RW. DVDs: Overview; DVD-ROM; DVD-R; DVD+R; DVD-RW; DVD+RW. Blu-ray Discs: Overview; BD-R/RE Discs; BDXL Discs; BD-R/RE AV Format; BD-ROM Discs; Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs; BD-ROM AV Format; Experimental Blu-ray Discs

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10% Quizzes (at the lectures)
40% Laboratory
50% Exam

Minimum grade for each activity: 5


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Updated: February 23, 2024