Dr. Baruch Zoltan Francisc

Structure of Computer Systems

2011/2012 Academic Year

Instructor: Dr.  Zoltan Francisc Baruch

Language: English

Study Year: Dipl. Eng. in Computer Science and Information Technology, 3rd year, 2nd semester

Teaching Activities

Lectures: 28 hours
Laboratory sessions: 28 hours
Project sessions: 14 hours

Course Syllabus

Introduction: Performance Metrics: Execution Time, CPU Time, MIPS, MFLOPS; Benchmark Programs; Quantitative Principles of Computer Design

Arithmetic-Logic Unit: Addition; Multiplication; Division; Floating-Point Numbers and Operations

Memory Systems: Memory Hierarchy; Memory Types; Memory Performance Measures; Semiconductor Main Memory; Interleaved Memory; Associative Memory; Cache Memory; Virtual Memory

Pipelining: Pipeline Structure; Pipeline Performance Measures; Pipeline Types; Instruction Pipelines; Arithmetic Pipelines; Pipeline Control

RISC Architectures: Introduction; Causes for Increased Architectural Complexity; Advantages of RISC Architectures; The Use of a Large Number of Registers; Characteristics of RISC Architectures; Comparison between RISC and CISC Architectures; Applications of RISC Processors; SPARC Architecture

Advanced Architectures: Taxonomy of Computer Architectures; Parallel Architectures; Current Directions

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Laboratory sessions >
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25% Laboratory
25% Project
50% Exam (mid-term and final)


Lab colloquy: closed book for theoretical questions, open book for problems
Exam: closed book


Baruch, Z. F., Structure of Computer Systems, U.T.PRES, Cluj-Napoca, 2002, ISBN 973-8335-44-2.

(Out of print; available for loan at the library)

Baruch, Z. F., Structure of Computer Systems with Applications, U.T.PRES, Cluj-Napoca,
2003, ISBN 973-8335-89-2.

(Available at the library)

Further Reading

Hayes, John P., Computer Architecture and Organization, Third Edition. McGraw-Hill,
1998, ISBN 0-07-115997-5.

Patterson, David A., Hennessy, John L., Computer Organization and Design,
The Hardware/Software Interface
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Updated: February 19, 2012