Calin Gheorghe RUSU

Current position: Full professor, Department of Electric Drives & Robots, Technical University of Cluj - Napoca, Romania
Mail address: Department of Electric Drives & Robots, Technical University of Cluj - Napoca, Baritiu str. 37-39, RO - 400027 Cluj – Napoca, Romania



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Born on January 14, 1958 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania; married, two children.





Polytechnical Institute of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. June 1983: M.S. Graduate in Computer Engineering.

June 1983:

M.S. Dissertation: "The Hardware Description Language Compiler and Code Generation for the Microprogramming Systems".


Student at the International Summer School from the University of Vienna, at Strobl, Austria
1992: International Summer School on "Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence and Control", Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Prague, Czech Republic.


PhD. student at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Ph.D. Thesis: "The Robust and Adaptive Control Algorithms for Robot Arms Powered by the AC Servo Drives"; Ph.D. Advisor: Prof. Arpad KELEMEN.





Sept 1983 - Sept 1985:

Graduate Engineer: IEIA Comp. Cluj-Napoca (Industrial Electronics and Automation Equipments) Work included hardware and software design of an 8-bit microcomputer system based on Multibus II architecture. My duties was to designed the CPU 8080 board and the basic I/O routines system. The microcomputer run under RMX80 and CP/M 80 operating systems.

Sept 1985 - June 1988:





Research/Design Engineer: IEIA Comp. Cluj-Napoca (Industrial Electronics and Automation Equipments).

  • 1985-1986: Design a SBC with Z80 microprocessor (hardware & software) based on the STD bus. I was responsible for the designing of BIOS (Basic Input/Output System Functions) system. This was written in assembly Z80. The system has the ability to run under CP/M 80, and MP/M operating systems.
  • 1986: Work on designing (hard and soft) a floppy disk controller based on Intel 8272 for an 8-bit microcomputer. It was written in assembly Z80.
  • 1987: Work on creating a multi-level control system based on Z80 microprocessor boards. My duty was to developed the communication software package using a multi-tasking asynchronous protocol for the RS232 serial interface. This was implemented in assembly Z80 and C Aztech.

June 1988 - Sept 1988:

Graduate Research: Polytechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca. Work was focused upon creating and designing a software environment for a 6 DOF industrial robot based on Turbo Pascal. The definition and implementation of the robot language in the operational space unit was my duty.

Sept 1988 - March 1990:

Graduate Associate Assistant: Polytechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca. Lecturing and laboratory for the Digital Logic Design, Embedded Control Systems with 8031/51, 80C552 was part of my responsibility. Work included hardware and software design and real-time control strategies. I helped students with their assignments work and grading laboratory reports.

March 1990 - Sept 1991:

Teaching Assistant: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Teaching assistant for two courses: Digital Logic Design and Microcontrollers & Microprocessor Systems. The responsibility was for the laboratory part of these courses, setting up work for students and grading laboratory reports. The work, also included designing and testing of the microcontroller prototype systems. Administrative and maintenance tasks on the PC stations and network was part of my duty.

Sept 1991 - Oct 1997:







Assistant Professor: Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. The academic position responsibility included:

A). Teaching courses: Digital Systems and Microprocessors; Introduction to Robotics.

The topics covered logic design with FPGA, ASIC design and embedded microcontroller design. Microprocessor architecture, PC internals, interrupts, real-time operating systems, interfacing data acquisition boards.

Modelling, simulation of the robot kinematics, dynamics and control using Matlab/Simulink.

B). Research: Non-linear robust controller for a direct drive robot arm with 2-DOF. Modelling and simulations was carry out under MATLAB/SIMULINK and real time implementation was made using a Dalanco Spry DSP system with TMS320C31. The control of the servo drives are based on the theory of Field Orientation applied to AC Synchronous Motors.

Oct 1997 - Sept 2001:








Assoc. Professor: Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Position requirements are:

A). Teaching courses: Digital Control Systems, Introduction to Robotics, Advance Control of Robots.

The topics cover adaptive and robust schemes, modelling, simulation and programming applications using Matlab/Simulink and DSP systems. High-performance simulation of discrete-time systems and DSP algorithms (PID, deadbeat, state-space, observers etc.). Controls for the DC, BLDC and stepper motor servo drives.

B). Research: Responsible for designing and implementing tools and algorithms for control system design and analysis. Familiar with simulation under Matlab/Simulink, C code generation with Real Time Workshop, dSPACE ACE 1102 Kit, Real Time Interface and developing software tools for DSP implementation on systems with TMS320C31.


Oct 2001 - present:













Full Professor: Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Position requirements are:

A). Teaching courses: Control System Engineering, Digital Control System Design, Fundamentals of Robotics, Nonlinear System Control.

B). Research:

  • Analysis, Control Design and System Modeling: Use of Lyapunov-based control design techniques to develop nonlinear control strategies for tracking/regulation control of electromechanical systems and under actuated mechanisms. Modeling dynamics for visual-servoing control of multi-DOF robots (serial/parallel and mobile robots).

  • Simulation Experience: Worked extensively with simulating closed-loop response of linear/nonlinear systems using packages like MATLAB/SIMULINK, Real Time Workshop, Technosoft DMCD. Digital Motor Control Developer.

  • Hardware Experience: Design real time embedded control, implementation and testing of hardware circuitry based on DSP TMS320C31/TMS320C24X, FPGA or micro-controllers (PIC, AVR) integrate the actuators (electric motors) with data acquisition systems and the sensors (optical encoders, Hall-effect current sensors, force/torque sensors).

  • Experimental Experience:
    Robust/Adaptive, position tracking control of a 2 degree-of-freedom direct-drive robot manipulator.
    Visual servoing of a parallel Delta robot platform (project ongoing)
    Adaptive tracking control of a wheeled mobile robot (project ongoing).




Matlworks member since 1997.


1986: First Prize at The National Youth Competition for the microcomputer software systems.

Since 2003:

Staff member of the Small Electric Motors and Electric Traction Group.


Research interests:

  • Real Time Control and Multi Processor Systems
  • Digital Signal Processors code generation for the control applications
  • Adaptive, Robust, Fuzzy and Neuro Control Strategies
  • Control of Electromechanical Systems with many Sensors and Actuators

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