Mitrea Delia-Alexandrina



~ Associate Professor, PhD ~


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Computer Science Department


Research fields:

Computer Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Classification

-         The imagistic textural model of the anatomical structures based on medical images; virtual biopsy

-         Hand gesture recognition; Object recognition

Databases & Data Analytics; Software Engineering



Databases (2nd year, automation, English section) - course and laboratory

Databases (2nd year, automation, Romanian section) - course and laboratory

Database Design (4th year, English section) laboratory

Database Design (4th year, Romanian section) laboratory

Database Administration (4th year, IT section) laboratory and project

Software Engineering (3rd year) laboratory and project

Image Processing (3rd year) - laboratory and project

Pattern Recognition Systems (4th year, Romanian section) - laboratory and project

Vision for Robotic Systems(Robotics, Master, 2nd year) - course and laboratory

Industrial Informatics (Robotics, 3rd year) - course and project

Computer aided Learning (3rd year) - course and seminar


List of didactic and scientific publications

Curriculum Vitae