SemNat - Semantic models and technologies for natural computing

(CAPABILITIES, Module III, Greece-Romania bilateral collaboration project, no. 582/16.07.2012)


    Project summary

The aim of the present proposal is to develop innovative formal semantics and prototype technologies for natural computing. The research focuses on bio-inspired and quantum-inspired languages and computing phenomena. We develop denotational and operational semantics for (models of) natural computing. We combine well-established techniques, including continuation, monads, and fixed point constructions, in new and innovative ways. We design prototype languages and systems inspired by natural phenomena, in particular following the membrane computing paradigm. We also apply natural computing techniques in the field of image processing. For experimental purposes we use Cloud and Peer-to-Peer platforms.


bullet National Technical University, Athens

            Project co-director: Assoc.Prof.dr.  Nikolaos Papaspyrou

            Members of the Greek team:

            Assoc.Prof.dr. Konstantinos Sagonas

            Michalis Papayriakou (PhD candidate)

            George Korfiatis (PhD candidate)

bullet Technical University, Cluj-Napoca

            Project co-director: Prof.dr. Eneia Nicolae Todoran

            Members of the Romanian team:

            Prof.dr. Gabriel Ciobanu (Romanian Academy, Iasi branch)

            Prof.dr. Ioan Salomie

            Assoc.Prof.dr. Paulina Mitrea

            Assoc.Prof.dr. Daniela Inoan

            Assist.Prof.dr. Delia Mitrea

            Eng. Dorin Simina