Iuliu NEGREAN  

  Professor (PhD TUCN 1995)
  Corresponding Member - The Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences
  Head of Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
  Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  103-105, Bd. Muncii
  Cluj-Napoca, RO 400641    
  Phone: +40-264-401616
  Fax:      +40-264-401660

  E-mail: iuliu.negrean@mep.utcluj.ro, inegrean@yahoo.com
  Webpage: http://users.utcluj.ro/~inegrean

PhD SCIENTIFIC SUPERVISOR: Mechanical Engineering, fundamental field: Engineering Technical Sciences

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Theoretical Mechanics, Applied Mechanics, Advanced Mechanics in Robotics, Mechanical Engineering

MAIN PROFESSIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS: Mathematical modeling, simulation and computer programs regarding the kinematic, dynamic and accuracy of the rigid and elastic mechanical structures of the robots, mathematical modeling of the mechanical systems using matrix exponentials, polynomial interpolation functions, higher order acceleration energy, differential and variational principles for current and sudden motions.

PUBLISHED BOOKS: 17 books (three in English)


RECENT BOOKS: Negrean, I., Duca, A., Negrean, C., Kacso, K., Advanced Mechanics in Robotics, Ed. UT Press, Cluj-Napoca, 2008, 432 pag., ISBN 978-973-662-420-9.
Negrean, I., Kacso, K., Schonstein, C, Duca, A., Mecanica. Teorie si aplicatii, Ed. UT Press, Cluj-Napoca, 2012, 544 pag., ISBN 978-973-662-523-7.
Negrean, I., Kacso, K., Schonstein, C, Duca, A., Rusu, F., Mechanics. Theory and Applications, Ed. UT Press, Cluj-Napoca, 2015, 433 pag., ISBN 978-606-737-061-4.