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This course, called "Data Structures and Algorithms", is taught at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science.

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About this course

Rules for Activity in the Lab

The following rules are on display in the lab since February, 2006.

1.      Access in the laboratory facilities

Art 1. Access in the laboratory is granted only to academic staff, faculty technicians and students of the Automation and computer Science Faculty.

Art 2. Students are obliged to carry their student identification card.

Art 3. The technicians on duty and the academic staff have the right to check the identities of the persons found in the laboratories.  

Art 4. The students of the Automation and computer Science Faculty are obliged to inform the academic staff and/or technicians if foreign persons are present in the laboratory.

2.      How activity is carried out

Art 1. The activity in the laboratories is carried out under the supervision of a teacher. In special cases, a technician may temporary supervise the activity.

Art 2. The equipment for student use must be used only for didactic purposes.

Art 3. Everyone must use only their assign user name and password.

Art 4. Any programs, papers, and projects on various media shall be transferred to/from computer systems only as source code, data files and document files (no executables!)

Art 5. Upon ending the activity, computers must be stopped using the “shutdown” command.

Art 6. Any malfunction seen when using the equipment must be immediately communicated to the teaching supervisor or the technician on duty and written to the laboratory activity record book.

Art 7. While in the laboratory (during classes and break time) is forbidden:

-       To carry out other activities than the ones requested by the teaching supervisor;

-       Playing games on computers;

-       Accessing Web pages which are unrelated to laboratory activity;

-       Eating and drinking;

-       Provoking disorder;

-       Any unsolicited intervention of students in hardware and software systems;

-       To use mobile phones; mobile phones must be either closed or set to silence mode before classes begin.

Art 8. Students must inform the staff regarding any activity or state which does not comply with these rules.

3.      Protection against accidents

Art 1.  Everyone who takes part in laboratory activity (students, teaching staff, and technicians) must observe and obey the rules for protection against accidents, both general and specific to that laboratory.

4.      Sanctions

Art 1. Any misconduct as related to the present rules will be punished, according to the gravity of the misconduct, as follows:

-       Unmotivated absence from the class;

-       Payment of the caused damage;

-       Summon to the Discipline Commission of the Faculty and apply special sanctions if misconduct is repeated.

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