Resources for lab activity

A way to install / use TortoiseSVN for SVN access

Optimal Binary Tree Search(R. Baeza)
Example for functions for tracing execution of your program

Example for representing time.   

Assignments description and auxiliary material

Extra material on function pointers by Lars Haendel
Binary search tree code to complete
BubbleSort with function pointers
Hash Table with Chaining
Singly Linked List
Project to read a dot graph and build its adjacency matrix
Binary heap based on array
Tournament Schedule Solution (D&C)
Apple Pick Solution
Edit Distance Solution (DP)
Cannibals & Missionaries Solution (B&B)
LCS Solution (DP - Neil Jones)
Subset Sum Solution (Bktr)

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A project with code for Lab. 1, problem 9 (polynomials) with reading and printing of polynomials implemented. (The other functions, i.e. addition, subtraction, etc. have empty (do-nothing) bodies). Portable
              Document Format logo Code for reading input of Lab 7
The Laboratory Guide in electronic form The laboratory Guide,
available at
the University Library
Erata for Laboratory Guide: on page 7, first code snippet, inside the while loop, the if should be if ( p−>key == givenKey ) with double equals sign instead of  single equals.

on page 10, after "Another choice is to look for a key..." in the code section the "do-while" should end with the line while(p != pNode) instead of  while(p != NULL)


C library Reference Guide (Eric Nuss) C Library Reference Guide index(Eric Nuss) C for Java programmers by Mark Meyer
C introduction C operators C types
C syntax forms A short style guide for writing your programs.

Source code showing how to write function Example command line argument processing for a C program which reads from one file and outputs to another.

Singly linked list example code. Singly-linked list with separated test

Doubly linked list example code.
C source code from Lab Guide is available (click on link below):

 L01.c Lab 01  L02.c Lab 02  L03.c Lab 03  L04.c Lab 04
 L05.c Lab 05  L06.c Lab 06  L07.c Lab 07  L08.c Lab 08
 L09.c Lab 09  L10.c Lab 10  L11.c Lab 11  L12.c Lab 12

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