The object of the game is very simple: You have to push all the crates, all of the same size, but of different weights, to the destinations, using a minimal number of pushes. The weights in kilograms are marked on the crates (the figure below does not include this feature). Use the arrow keys to move the player around.

Different versions of this game can be implemented. Choose one for your project.

  1. As different from the image below, the crates are ice cubes, of different weights, which have to be moved before melting to the marked positions, in the cool room.
  2. In another version the guy who pushes has limited stamina. While pushing a crate (which is not made of ice) the pusher gets tired due to the effort, and his speed reduces proportionally to zero. He has to wait a while before being able to continue.
  3. In another version of this game, crates are of  the same weight but have different sizes, so they cannot all pass through any existing door (feature also not shown in the figure below).