Artificial Vision

Lecturer: Sergiu Nedevschi



Introduction (Introducere)

Case studies 1 (Studii de caz 1))

Case studies 2 (Studii de caz 2)

Introduction in projective geometry (Elemente de geometrie proiectiva)

Epipolar Geometry (Geometria epipolara)

Stereovision (Principiile stereoviziunii)

Taxonomy and dense stereovizion (Taxonomia si stereoviziunea densa)

Corner detectors (Detectia colturilor)

SIFT / SURF features (Trasaturi de tip SIFT / SURF)

Optical flow(Fluxul optic)

Disparity based object detection (Prelucrarea imaginilor 3D pe baza disparitatilor)

Object detection from 3D point cloud (Detectia obstacolelor din imagin 3D)

Automatic semantic annotation of images (Adnotarea semantica automata a imaginilor)

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