Image processing

Lecture Curricula:

Computer vision and applications. Vision system structure and functions. Image acquisition systems.

Image formation and sensing. Camera model

Binary image processing: Simple Geometric Properties.

Binary image processing: Labeling, Contour Tracing, Polygonal Approximation

Binary image processing: Mathematical Morphology

Grayscale image processing: Mathematical methods for grayscale image processing, Statistic features of the grayscale images, Histogram processing, Point Processing

Grayscale image processing: Convolution and Fourier Transform

Grayscale image processing: Noise in images

Grayscale image processing: Digital Filtering

Grayscale image segmentation: Edge based segmentation (first order differential methods).

Grayscale image segmentation: Edge based segmentation (second order differential methods, edge linking, contour closing,).

Stereo-vision basics. Epipolar geometry. Depth computation.

Color images: Color models. Color based segmentation.


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