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Design with µProcessors
  • Presence is 100% mandatory!
  • Students with unrecovered absences will not be allowed to attend the exam!
  • You must study the lab pdf file before attending the lab. You will be asked random questions at the beginning of each lab, if you cannot answer then you will be considered absent.
  • The lab mark will be composed of: Lab Activity Assessment (Lab) and Project Assessment (P).
    The mark = (Lab + P)/2
  • The project presentation will take place during weeks 13 and 14.

Design with µProcessors Laboratory Classes:
Day Hours Location TA Group
Tuesday 08-14 Room 107 Mihai Negru 30431/1, 30434
Wednesday 08-12 Room 107 Alexandru Bondor 30433
12-14 Room 107 Razvan Itu 30432/2
Friday 10-14 Room 107 Attila Fuzes 30432/1, 30431/2

Laboratory Documentation:
Lab01 Lab02 Lab03 Lab04 Lab05 Lab06 Lab07 Lab08 Lab09
Lab01 Lab02 Lab03 Lab04 Lab05 Lab06 Lab07 Lab08 Lab09

Lecture notes:
Design with MicroProcessors Lectures - Conf. dr. ing. Tiberiu Marita

Design with MicroProcessors Lecture Material - Prof. Dr. Ing. Sergiu Nedevschi