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Teaching Resources:

Digilent Software: download

FPGA Development Boards

FPGA Board Reference Manual Schematic Constraints File
Basys download rm download sch download ucf
Basys2 download rm download sch download ucf
Basys3 download rm download sch download xdc

Bosch Sensors for DMP projects
Combined digital humidity, pressure and temperature sensor: BME280
Custom programmable 9-axis motion sensor: BMF055
Intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor: BNO055

Active HDL: download page

Xilinx ISE Design Suite download page

Xilinx Vivado Design Suite download page

Old Xilinx ISE Software manuals: The software manuals can also be found on any host computer, in the instalation directory at: "Instal_path"\doc\usenglish\books\docs\.

VHDL Reference:
resources IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual, 2000
resources VHDL whiz - Basic VHDL Tutorials
resources VHDL Tutorial University of Pennsylvania, 2001
resources VHDL Programming by Example, 2002
resources VHDL Quick start book, 2003
resources Circuit Design with VHDL, 2004
resources Microprocessor Design Principles and Practices With VHDL, 2004
resources VHDL Language Reference Guide
resources VHDL Online Tutorial

resources Aldec Inc. - The Design Verification Company
resources Xilinx: The Programmable Logic Company

resources Intel Processors
resources Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Processors
resources MIPS Technologies - At the Core of the User Experience

Educational Resources:
resources TechOnline: Educational Resources for the Electronics Engineering Community
resources Automotive DesignLine: Design Resource for Automotive Engineering
resources FPGA/CPLD Resources for Electrical Engineers: Programmable Logic DesignLine
resources Embedded Systems Design: Embedded.com
resources FPGA and Programmable Logic Journal