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  • Basys 2 Board for Sale

    Please e-mail Marius Momeu for more inqueries about this.

  • Bosch Future Mobility Challenge Announcement

    Bosch Engineering Center Cluj has launched the Bosch Future Mobility Challenge. The contest anouncement can be found here.
    General Regulations are available at this address.
    Participants are required to form teams of 3 to 5 students. The topic of the contest is to implement autonomous self driving vehicles (1:10 scale).
    The registration form for the contest is available at this link . You have to download and complete one registration form per team, using Adobe Acrobat Reader, and send it togheter with the CVs of the team members to the following e-mail addreess: ideabox@bosch.com

  • RotaHack2017 Satu Mare

    RotaHack2017 event is organized between 20-22 October 2017 at Casa Mestesugarilor, Satu Mare. The The registration form can be found here.

  • 2018 Digilent Design Contest

    The XIVth edition of the Digilent Design Contest Europe, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania was recently launched. The contest web page is available at http://www.digilentdesigncontest.com/.

  • New Computer Architecture Laboratory Rule

    Starting with this week, the students that work on the Basys 3 Development Boards from the Computer Architecture Laboratory are not allowed to work on their laptops during the laboratory classes. However, should they bring their laptops to the laboratory class, they must also bring 2 USB-micro USB cables:
    • 1 cable for the Basys 3 Development Board
    • 1 cable will be donated to the Computer Architecture Laboratory.
    Failure to comply with this rule, will yield a "No Evaluation" for the laboratory, hence the laboratory mark will be 1!

  • Computer Architecture Partial Exam - 2017
    When? 3rd of April, 2017, Room D21, during the lecture hours!
    What to learn? Lectures 1 - 5 consist in the partial exam topics!
    Who should attend? Attendance is not mandatory!

    Only the students who want to test their Computer Architecture abilities and have studied the lecture notes are invited to participate in the partial examination!

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