Image Processing: 2nd semester

  1. The code you write should be the result of your own reasoning. If two or more similar code blocks are found your mark for the lab will be 1.
  2. Presence is 100% mandatory. Yet if due to objective reasons you cannot make it to attend a lab you should send me an email and we will establish together when you will recover the absence. You are allowed to recover at most 2 absences.
  3. You must study the documentation before attending the lab. The documentation for each lab is posted on this page.
  4. At the end of each lab your work will be evaluated. You will receive a mark between 1 and 10. If you leave without showing me your work the mark will be 1. The final lab mark will be a function of these evaluations. You must obtain at least a global 5 to be allowed to attend the exam.
  5. Because of the high probability of unexpected software or hardware failures of the laboratory computers you are strongly advised to save your work at the end of each lab (using an USB storage device, email etc).
  6. Each one of you will be assigned a project. At the end of the semester your projects will be evaluated. You are not allowed to attend the exam unless you implement the project and present the documentation. Each other week you must present the progress you made with your projects. You will be evaluated at each project class and you will obtain a mark between 1 and 10.

Attendance and Marks

Laboratory topics