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Lucrari de laborator

Week Title Eng Ro Data
1 Least Mean Squares Line Fitting pdf pdf zip
2 RANSAC Line Fitting pdf pdf zip
3 Hough Transform Line Fitting pdf pdf zip
4 Distance Transform pdf pdf zip
5 Statistical Data Analysis pdf pdf zip
6 K-means Clustering pdf pdf zip
7 Principal Component Analysis pdf pdf zip
8 K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier pdf pdf zip
9 Naive Bayes Classifier pdf pdf zip
10 Perceptron Algorithm for Linear Classifier pdf pdf zip
11 AdaBoost with Decision Stumps pdf pdf zip
12 Support Vector Machine pdf pdf zip


Topics / Teme :

Project evaluation

The final mark of the project will be formed by combining individual marks for the following evaluation items. The weights of each evaluation item are given below.
  1. Functionality - 30%
  2. Documentation - 10%
  3. Code structure - 10%
    • Functionality, documentation and code structure will be evaluated by the teacher in the next 7 days after you present the project.
  4. Semester activity - 40%
  5. Final presentation - 10% (includes running the project and presenting the documentation during the project presentation session