Professor Eng. Silviu Folea, PhD, IEEE Senior Member

Habilitation Thesis
    Wireless Sensors and Embedded Systems in Process Control (link), System Engineering, No. 3682 from 04.13.2017.
Current Research Interests
  • Low-Power Sensor, Energy Harvesting, Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Hardware Development, Embedded and Reconfigurable Systems
  • Microsystems and Data Acquisition, LabVIEW Graphical Programming
  • Compact modular embedded device (link)
  • Deployment and execution of a graphical program on an embedded device from a PDA
Links Projects
  • 2016, TETRACOM, Sub 1 GHz ISA100 technology for low cost and low power consumption embedded systems (link)
  • 2016, SMART-RAD-EN, Sisteme inteligente privind siguranta populatiei (link) (pdf)
  • 2013-2015, European Space Agency project "Wireless applications for satellite AIT operations and Wireless communication bus for satellite applications" (link)
  • 2011, WSN-Tech projects
  • 2017, Ferenc Fodor, IMEC Leuven - Winner, National Instruments Awards (link)
  • 2015, Sensor tag delivers data readings to Pachube, (link)
  • 2014, Arobs si UTCN creeaza un dispozitiv revolutionar pentru monitorizare in trafic (link)
  • 2013, Radu RUSU - Fyuse (link)
  • 2012, Cadre didactice in publicatii internationale de prestigiu (link)
  • 2010, WiFi instrument tag sends data to real-time data-brokerage platform
  • 2010, Solar-powered Cloud Instrument(TM) sends data to real-time data-brokerage platform
  • 2004, SANDIA and National Instruments - Embedded Modular System (link) (pdf)
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Automation and Computer Science
Department of Automation
Memorandumului street, no. 28, Cluj-Napoca, 400114, Romania
Phone: +40-264-401.819, Fax +40-264-599.893
Office: Observator street, no. 2, 3th floor, room 301, Cluj-Napoca, 400489, Romania.

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