Curriculum vitae

Maria Simina EMERICH
Date of Birth:
August 16, 1979
2011 Ph.D. Degree (‘cum laudae’), Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Title of thesis “Application of B-spline Wavelet Analysis in Biometrics"

2003-2004 Master of Science degree, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

1998-2003 Graduated Electronics Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. Communications
Professional Activity
2012 - present Assistant Professor, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Communication Department.

2006 - 2012 Assistant, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, Communication Department.

2003 - 2006 PhD Student, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications.
Research Grants
Director, Young Research Team, PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-2080, Image analysis and coding techniques based on ordinal data representation, with applications in biometrics (IRVEBIO)   
1. Director, CNCSIS grant, TD 502 no. 24/2007, The Improvement of the Wavelet Analysis Techniques by using B-spline Functions Family
2. Member, CNCSIS grant 2007-2010, PNCDI ID 904 no. 339/2007, Multimodal Biometrics Authentication System, director Prof. Dr. Eng. Eugen Lupu
3. Short Time Expert, POSDRU grant 86/1.2/S/61810, Integrated System of Master Programs in Engineering of Sound, Image and Multimedia Applications, coordinator: Politehnica University of Bucharest
4. Member, CNCSIS grant, 2004-2006, A-1027/2004, Biometrical Systems for Access Control using Vocal Print, director Prof. Dr. Eng. Eugen Lupu
5. Member, CNCSIS grant, AC-10/2005, no. 27687/2005, Molecular Mechanisms for Cellular Adhesion and Recognition Mediated by Glican-Glican Interactions, director Prof. Dr. Octavian Popescu
6. Member, CNCSIS grant, PNCDI, CEEX-05-D11-52/07.10.2005, Genic Sequences Bioinformatics Implied for Procaryotes Cellular Division, director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Petre Pop
International Journals: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing;
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing;
Signal Processing Applications in Human Computer Interaction, Springer, Verlag; Computers and Electrical Engineering, Elsevier
Psychiatry Research Journal, Elsevier
Organizing Committee Member
Recent Trends in Signal Processing, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2007
Signal Processing Systems for Wireless Communications, Romania, 2008
Signal Processing and Applied Mathematics for Electronics and Communications, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2011
Best Poster Award, IEEE Region 8 Eurocon 2007 Conference Computer as a Tool, 2007
Interests Domain
Pattern Recognition, Biometry, Signal and Image Processing, Microprocessors Systems
Foreign Languages
English, French
Contributions to books
Lupu E., Emerich S., Apătean A., Programming in x86 Assembly Language (in romanian), Galaxia
Gutenberg Publishing, 2009 Emerich Simina
Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca