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Current position: Full time Ph.D. Student, Department of Electrical Machines, Marketing & Management, Technical University of Cluj
Mail address: Bariŝiu str. 26-28, RO-400027 CLUJ, Romania
Telephone/fax: (+40)-264-401-827 / (+40)-264-593-117

Date and place of birth: 2nd July 1983, Satu Mare (Romania)


Professional experience:


Participations at scientific meetings:

Research interests:


  1. Micu D.D - Ceclan A. - Simion E. - Creŝ L. - Duma D. - Ruba M.: Numerical methods applied in electrotechnical applications, Oradea University Annals, Electrotechnical Fascicle, 2005, pp. 43-47. ISSN: 1223-2106.
  2. Micu D.D. - Ceclan A. - Ruba M. - Simion E. - Micu D. - Conŝ I.: Numerical Algorithm for Electric Circuit Solver, Oradea University Annals, Electrotechnical Fascicle, Electrical engineering Section, 2006, pp. 54-57. ISSN: 1841-7221.
  3. Iancu V. - Popa D.C. - Szabó L. - Ruba M.. - Trifu M.: Comparative Study on Linear Transverse Flux Reluctance Machines, Oradea University Annals, Electrotechnical Fascicle, Electrical Engineering Session, 2006, pp. 136-139. ISSN: 1841-7221. (download )
  4. Szabó L.- Viorel I.A. - Ruba M. - Popa D.C.: Comparative Study on Different Variable Reluctance Linear Machine Structures (With/Without Permanent Magnets), Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Linear Drives for Industrial Applications (LDIA '2007), Lille (France), on CD: 173.pdf. ISBN: 978-2-915913-20-0. (download )
  5. Szabó L. - Bíró K.Á. - Fodor D. - Ruba M.: Fault tolerant electrical drives (in Hungarian), International Conference on Computer Sciences, Power Systems and Electrical Engineering SzámOkt-ENELKO '2007, Oradea (Romania), 2007, pp. 157-160. ISSN: 1842-4546. (download )
  6. Ruba M. - Anders M.: Fault Tolerant Switched Reluctance Machine Study, Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion and Power Quality (PCIM '2008), Nürnberg (Germany), in print.
  7. Fodorean D. - Ruba M. - Szabó L. - Miraoui A.: Comparison of the Main Types of Fault-Tolerant Electrical Drives used in Automobile Applications, Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion, Ischia (Italy), in print.
  8. Ruba M. - Szabó L. - Fodorean D.: Fault Tolerant Machines - A State of the Art, Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference MicroCAD '2008, Miskolc (Hungary), Section J (Electrotehnics and Electronics), in print.

Special skills:

Languages: English, Hungarian.


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