Research interests:

Modular representations of finite groups; Homological algebra: block algebras of finite groups, cohomology of block algebras of finite groups, Hochschild cohomology.

Published papers:

1) C.-C. Todea, Restriction map between cohomology algebras of blocks of finite groups, Algebras and Representation Theory, vol. 14 (4) (2011), 731-749.

2) C.-C. Todea, Symmetric algebras, skew category algebras and inverse semigroups, Journal of Algebra, vol. 369 (2012), 226-234.

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4) C.-C. Todea, On cohomology of saturated fusion systems and support varieties, Journal of Algebra, vol. 402 (2014), 83-91. 1610.00095

5) C.-C. Todea, A theorem of Mislin for cohomology of fusion systems and applications to block algebras of finite group, Expositiones Mathematicae. 1311.3944

6) C.-C. Todea, Symmetric cohomology of groups as a Mackey functor, Bull. Belg. Math. Soc. Simon Stevin, Volume 22, Number 1 (2015), 49-58.1412.2089

7) C.-C. Todea, Basic Morita equivalences and a conjecture of Sasaki for cohomology of block algebras of finite groups, Quart. J. of Math. 67 (2016), 109-123. 1506.04387


8) T. Coconeţ, C.-C. Todea, Stable blocks, hyperfocal subgroups and basic Morita equivalences, submitted.

9) T. Coconeţ, A. Marcus, C.-C. Todea, Induction for Frobenius algebras, accepted, Comm. Algebra.1610.00093

10) C.-C. Todea, Bockstein homomorphisms for Hochschild cohomology of group algebras and of blocks of finite groups, Forum Mathematicum, online, doi: 10.1515/forum-2015-0185.1610.00092