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Image processing

Invariance studies

Invariance to certain transformations is a desired property to various texture analysis. Most papers benchmark their algorithms using Brodatz texture library. In the following table I created a series of 64x64 images cutted from 11 Brodatz textures. The textures were chosen according to [T. Randen and J. H. Husoy, "Filtering for texture classification: A comparative study," Ieee Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 21, pp. 291-310, Apr 1999]. Each Brodatz texture undergo one or more transformations (see legend below). From the transformed texture I randomly cutted a rectangular patch of 64x64 pixels. The patches can overlap but they don't overlap the edges of the transformed image.

The original textures were taken from www.ux.uis.no/~tranden/brodatz.html

Texture name Normal Scaled Rotated Grey levels All
D4 D4_normal.zip D4_scaled.zip D4_rotated.zip D4_gray.zip D4_all.zip
D24 D24_normal.zip D24_scaled.zip D24_rotated.zip D24_gray.zip D24_all.zip
D29 D29_normal.zip D29_scaled.zip D29_rotated.zip D29_gray.zip D29_all.zip
D38 D38_normal.zip D38_scaled.zip D38_rotated.zip D38_gray.zip D38_all.zip
D53 D53_normal.zip D53_scaled.zip D53_rotated.zip D53_gray.zip D53_all.zip
D55 D55_normal.zip D55_scaled.zip D55_rotated.zip D55_gray.zip D55_all.zip
D57 D57_normal.zip D57_scaled.zip D57_rotated.zip D57_gray.zip D57_all.zip
D77 D77_normal.zip D77_scaled.zip D77_rotated.zip D77_gray.zip D77_all.zip
D84 D84_normal.zip D84_scaled.zip D84_rotated.zip D84_gray.zip D84_all.zip
D92 D92_normal.zip D92_scaled.zip D92_rotated.zip D92_gray.zip D92_all.zip
D93 D93_normal.zip D93_scaled.zip D93_rotated.zip D93_gray.zip D93_all.zip


Image segmentation

Some images that are relatively simple to segment can be found in segmentation.zip.


Best resource to teach yourself java: Java tutorials!

Java SE 1.6 API specification is found here.

Free online courses teached by the masters

Khan Academy: Online video tutorials for computer science, math, economy etc. Good resource if you want to brush your knowledge or want to start learning something new.

Open Culture: Free online courses about various topics. This site is a directory of various online teaching resources. One can find courses from chinese lessons to Artificial Intelligence teached by Peter Norving itself.

Computer Vision online course teached by Jitendra Malik from Berkeley University

Best online university: Udacity. Build yourself the new Google or a self driving car in several weeks! (Almost) no previous computing experience required!


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