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This web page contains the source code and the images presented in "Detecting curvilinear features using structure tensors" paper.

There are three archives:

To run the software: Download and unpack the archives into a directory. Include the directory and all the subdirectories in MATLAB path. Start with /examples/ folder and continue with /experiments/. If you want to visualize the raw experiment results open /visualize/ folder. Read the description.txt in each folder and the comments of .m files for more details.

All the archives are necessary to reproduce the experimental results presented in the paper. If you want to apply the filters on some images download the soft.zip archive and check the /core/ folder.

We developed the software using MATLAB R2011b (ver 7.13). We did not perform tests for other versions of MATLAB.

WARNING! As the paper went through reviewing process we added new features to the software. The zip archives contain a cleaned and brushed version of the latest iteration. Althrough I did some testing, no end to end run was performed so bugs might get into way while cleaning/formatting the code.

Please report any bugs or feedback to cristian.vicas _at_ cs.utcluj.ro

The software is released under MIT license.

Citation: The paper is still in "Early access" For now, use DOI:10.1109/TIP.2015.2447451

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