Welcome to my web site!

Hi! My name is Enyedi Szilárd and I am associate professor at the Department of Automation of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár in Hungarian, or Klausenburg in German).

I did not have time to finish this web page, but I'll get working on it soon. Have a nice surfing in the meantime!

Things to do (well, at least what I planned to): translate the page to Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, German and French, upload lots of nice images and other interesting stuff. And relax...

Remember: these pages are not ready yet! And they have lots of errors, bugs and stuff people usually commit suicide for...

My resume (English).

My e-mail address: Szilard.Enyedi_@gmail.com , without the underscore.

Tel/fax: +40 (264) 401 220

Mobile: +40 (744) 43 32 53

My public PGP keys: low strength or high strength.

My contact info in 2D barcode (QR-code format): business card or short link to my web page.

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