Cristina Bianca Pop, PhD Distributed Systems Research Laboratory
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


Member of the Distributed Systems Research Laboratory

Research interests:

  • Active and Assistive Living Solutions
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Biologically-inspired Computing
  • Business process modelling and simulation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Service Oriented Distributed Computing

Member in the research team of the following projects:

  • ReMIND - Robotic ePartner for Multitarget INnovative activation of people with Dementia (2018-2021) , ACTIVE AND ASSISTED LIVING PROGRAMME 2017 (REMIND)
  • MEDGUIDE - ICT Integrated System for Coordinated Polypharmacy Management in Dementia Patients (2017-2019), H2020 ACTIVE AND ASSISTED LIVING PROGRAMME 2016 (MedGUIDE)
  • Diet4Elders - Dynamic Nutrition Behaviour Awareness System for the Elders (2013-2016), Active Assisted Living Joint Programme 5 2012(Diet4Elders)
  • GEYSER - Data Centres in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly Internet (2013-2016), FP7-ICT-2013.6.2(GEYSER)
  • GAMES - "Green Active Management of Energy in IT Service centres (2010-2012), FP7-ICT-2009-6.3: ICT for Energy efficiency (GAMES)
  • ARHINET - Integrated System for developing semantically-enhanced archive content (2007-2010),RO CNMP Program 4 project (ArhiNet)

Research grant coordinator:

  • INTEL-DIET - Intelligent services for generating personalized diets using hyper-heuristics (2017-2018), internal grant financed by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
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