Eneia Nicolae Todoran

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Professor, Ph.D.

Computer Science Department

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca



  Software Engineering, 3rd year B.Sc. (in English)

  Software Engineering, 3rd year B.Sc. (in Romanian)

  Programming Languages and Type Systems (in Romanian)


  My research focuses on

o   Programming languages

  Denotational and operational semantics

  Continuation semantics for concurrency

  Type systems

o   Natural computing

  Semantic models of membrane computing

  Semantic models of DNA computing

o   Global computing

  Models, semantics and logics

  Peer to peer and cloud programming

o   Software engineering

  Formal methods



        E-mail:   Eneia.Todoran@cs.utcluj.ro

Address:     Computer Science Department,

                                  Technical University of Cluj-Napoca,

                                  Baritiu Street 28, 400027, Cluj-Napoca, Romania