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Eneia Nicolae Todoran

Research Projects

  1. BETTY: Behavioral Types for Reliable Large-Scale Software Systems - ICT COST Action IC1201  http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/ict/Actions/IC1201; Management Committee members for Romania: Prof.dr. Gabriel Ciobanu, Prof.dr. Eneia Nicolae Todoran (2012-2016)
  2. SemNat: Semantic models and technologies for natural computing - CAPABILITIES, Module III, Greece-Romania bilateral collaboration project, no. 582/16.07.2012; Project co-director: Prof.dr. Eneia Nicolae Todoran (2012-2014)
  3. GlobalComp: Models, semantics, logics and technologies for global computing - ANCS, CNMP-PC, no. 11052/18.09.2007; Project director: Prof. dr. Eneia Nicolae Todoran (2007-2010).
  4. Semantic techniques in concurrent systems development - Contract 27702 / 2005, 2930 / 2006, CNCSIS code 932; Beneficiary: Romanian Ministry of Education and Research; Project leader: Assoc. prof. dr. Eneia Nicolae Todoran (2005-2007).  
  5. Continuations and monads for parallel and distributed computing - Greek-Romanian research collaboration; Contract C 18313 / 10.12.2002; Partners: National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Romanian project leader: Prof.dr. Kalman Pusztai (2002-2004).
  6. Expert center for design and implementation of high performance distributed applications - Contract 31400 / 7053 / 2001, theme 77, CNCSIS code 1064; Project leader: Prof.dr. Florian Boian, (2001-2003).
  7. NETCONTROL - advanced communication models and techniques in industrial process control - Contract 2 / 2001; Beneficiary: Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, part of the INFOSOC program; Project leader: Prof.dr. Kalman Pusztai (2001-2003).
  8. New technologies in self-configurable heterogeneous networks - Contract 7067 / 2001, theme B16; Beneficiary: Romanian Ministry of Education and Research; Project leader: Lect. Cosmina Ivan (2001-2003).  
  9. Modern techniques and technologies in computer science - Contract funded by World Bank (Master - Ph.D. project); Project of type D (CNCSIS code 3/111 -1998); Project leader: Prof.dr. Kalman Pusztai (1998-2000).
  10. Object oriented mobile computing - Contract 34/1998; theme 64 (CNCSIS code 114); Project leader: Prof.dr. Ioan Salomie (1998-2000).
  11. Semantic models for parallel logic programming - Research grant offered by NUFFIC (Netherlands organization for cooperation in higher education, The Hague, The Netherlands); research carried at Free University of Amsterdam, Department of Computer Science, under the guidance of Prof.dr. Jaco de Bakker (January-February 1997).
  12. Parallel logic programming systems - Project into the framework of Contract 5003/1993; Project leader: Assoc.prof.dr. Tudor Muresan (1993-1995).