Attendance and marks situation

L1. Introduction to the OpenCV library ( PI-L1e.pdf, OpenCVApplication-VS2013_OCV2413_basic.7z, OpenCVApplication-VS2015_OCV31_basic.7z, OpenCVApplication-VS2017_OCV340_basic.7z, OpenCVApplication-VS2019_OCV451_basic.7z, Setting up OpenCV on macOS.pdf, )

L2. Color spaces ( PI-L2e.pdf )

L3. The histogram of intensity levels ( PI-L3e.pdf )

L4. Geometrical features of binary objects ( PI-L4e.pdf, )

L5. Binary objects labeling ( PI-L5e.pdf, )

L6. Border tracing algorithm ( PI-L6e.pdf, )

L7. Morphological operations on binary images ( PI-L7e.pdf, )

L8. Statistical properties of grayscale images ( PI-L8e.pdf, )

L9. Image filtering in the spatial and frequency domains ( PI-L9e.pdf, )

L10. Noise modeling and digital image filtering ( PI-L10e.pdf, )

L11. Edge detection (1) ( PI-L11e.pdf )

L12. Edge detection (2) ( PI-L11e.pdf )

L13. Laboratories recovery (absences)



Attendance and marks situation
List of projects
Making documentation

P1. Discussions regarding projects elaboration (OpenCV, standalone OpenCV application example: OpenCVApp-VS2013, OpenCVApp-VS2015)

P2. Projects assignment. Discussions about the projects subjects

P3.. Discussions regarding the bibliographical study

P4. Theoretical background - presentation deadline (PPT slides)

P5. Theoretical background - presentation deadline (PPT slides)

P6. Design - presentation deadline about the chosen solution (PPT slides)

P7. Design - presentation deadline about the chosen solution (PPT slides)

P8. Discussions about the implementation

P9. Discussions about the implementation status

P10. Implementation - presentation deadline (PPT slides) and the application (in current phase)

P11. Final discussions about the implemented application

P12. Final project presentation (application + documentation)