Service Oriented Distributed Systems

Autonomic Systems

Green Computing

Context Aware Self-adapting Systems

Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent Systems

Mobile Agents Based Middleware

Research  Areas

Elders-UP! - Adaptive system for enabling the elderly collaborative knowledge transference to small companies (2014-2017), AAL-2013-6

GEYSER - Green nEtworked Data Centres as EnergY ProSumErs in smaRt city environments (2013-2016) , FP7-ICT-2013.6.2: Data Centres in an energy-efficient and Environmentally friendly Internet

DIET4Elders - Dynamic nutrItion bEhaviour awareness sysTem FOR the Elders (2013-2016) , AAL-2012-5

GAMES - Green Active Management of Energy in IT Service centres (2010-2012), FP7-ICT-2009-6.3: ICT for Energy efficiency

EU Projects

ArhiNet - Integrated System for developing semantically-enhanced archive content (2007 - 2010), project funded by CNMP, Program 4 - Research partnership for priority domains.

MAESTRO - Ontology Driven Automatic Web Service Composition (2007-2010), project funded by the Program IDEAS of CNCSIS of Romanian Ministry of Education and Research

FOOD-TRACE - Integrated IT system for assuring traceability and quality control in food industry (2006 - 2008), CEEX project funded by MEC

National Projects

Research  Projects
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