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The main areas of expertise:

1. Numerical Modeling. Advances in numerical modeling of different electromagnetic interference problems (prediction, diagnosis and feasible solutions against induced voltages and AC corrosion); Support and applied techniques regarding the practical implementation of case study numerical interferences, lightning protection of infrastructures, optimal right of way transmission of energy corridors (oil, gas, energy); Implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms in electromagnetic interferences problems.

2. Numerical Analysis and Synthesis of Electromagnetic Fields.. Numerical field synthesis and optimization for different electromagnetic devices; Inverse reconstruction and parameter identification of cracks, sources and materials in inaccessible locations; Magnetic stimulation.

3. Applied Engineering Services. Investigations through numerical analysis and in situ evaluations of AC/DC electromagnetic interferences; Energy solutions and methodologies regarding the efficient use of energy; Energy quality evaluations, diagnosis and solutions for industry and residential.

We have a wide variety of research themes that are in matured stage and close to the actual use as well as to those that are in preliminary stage but have the potential to bloom in the future.

The strategy of LCMN aims:

  • To apply the theoretical skills of the LCMN research team for solving practical problems from industry (collaboration with different national and international companies);
  • To participate in interdisciplinary research groups within scientific projects;
  • To extend the international scientific cooperation within European projects;
  • To promote PhD students in advanced research activities.