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LCMN Group Expertise

Research & Development in Core Areas:

  • Advances in numerical modelling of different electromagnetic interference problems: Prediction, Diagnosis and Feasible Solutions against Induced Voltages and AC Corrosion due to high voltage power lines to underground metallic pipelines;
  • Optimal Right-of-Way evaluation of gas streams, as related to possible AC interferences;
  • Lightning Protection of Infrastructures;

Research & Development in Applied Fields:

  • Investigations through numerical analysis and in situ evaluations of AC/DC electromagnetic interferences;
  • Inverse reconstruction and parameter identification of cracks, sources and materials in inaccessible locations;
  • Numerical field synthesis and optimisation of different electromagnetic devices.


  • Optimization of right of way gas or oil corridors as related to AC/DC interferences;
  • Investigation of different electromagnetic interferences problems;
  • Energy solutions and methodologies regarding the efficient use of energy;
  • Energy quality evaluations, diagnosis and solutions for industry and residential .

Applied Engineering Services:

  • Case study electromagnetic interference diagnosis and solutions;
  • Energy audit and balances for industrial and residential consumers;
  • Energy quality measurements and filtering solutions;
  • Measurements and testing of: Quantitative and Quality Energy Indicators, Remote Electric and/or Magnetic Fields (DC to GHz), Earth resistances, etc.


  • Numerical modelling of different interference problems;
  • Support and applied techniques regarding the practical implementation of case study numerical interferences, lightning protection, optimal right of way transmission of energy corridors (oil, gas, energy);
  • Energy audits and balances to industrial and residential consumers.