System Theory 2

Last Update: October 16, 2019

No. Lecture title Adjacent documentation Laboratory work
1 Stability of Negative Feedback control systems via Frequency Response bib_1 (pp. 446-478) c1_slides Lab 1
2 Symplified Nyquist Stability Criterion. Gain Margin, Phase Margin, nonminimum phase systems bib_1 (pp. 487-521) Lab 2
3 Applying Simplified Nyquist Criterion for time delayed systems bib_1 (pp. 521-567) Lab 3
4 Simplified Nyquist Criterion on Nichols Diagrams bib_1 (pp. ) Lab 4
5 Closed loop transient and steady state performances extracted from the open loop frequency response (Bode, Nyquist Diagrams) bib_1 (pp. ) Lab 5
6 Discrete Time Systems; introductory notions, sampling theorem; mapping the s plane into the z plane, stability conditions bib_2 (pp. 1-72) Lab 6
7 Schur – Chon - Jury stability test; The pulse transfer function (zoh); Numerical discretizing methods bib_1 (pp. ) Lab 7
8 Discrete time systems. State Space Analysis . Time delay systems. Response of discrete time systems bib_2 (pp. ) Lab 8
9 State Space Analysis (Continuous and Discrete-Time approach); Canonical Forms (CCF, OCF) bib_2 (pp. ) Lab 9
10 CoCf, ObCF, Diagonal Form, Jordan Form Lab 10
11 Controllability and Observability; Pole Placement; Ackermann’s algorithm Lab 11
12 State Observers Design; BDC/BLDC motor case Lab 12
13 Lab 13
14 Colloquium

Attendance list

1st semester, ST II, 2019-2020

Group 1 / Group 2 / Group 3

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bib_1: Modern control engineering (5th edn) by Katsuhico Ogata, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1997, 997 pages.

bib_2: Discrete-time control systems (2nd edn) by Katsuhico Ogata, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1995, 745 pages.

bib_3: Matlab Tools for Control System Analysis and Design by Benjamin Kuo, 1995


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