Dr. Baruch Zoltan Francisc

Dedicated Computer Systems

2018/2019 Academic Year

Instructor: Dr. Baruch Zoltan Francisc

Language: Romanian

Study Year: Master in Computers and Information Technology, Computer Engineering, 2nd year

Teaching Activities

Lecture: 28 hours

Course Syllabus

Introduction: Embedded Systems; Applications; Characteristics; Technologies

Models and Languages for System Specification: Introduction; Types of Models; Models and Languages; State-Oriented Models; Activity-Oriented Models; Structure-Oriented Models; Data-Oriented Models; Heterogeneous Models; System Specification Languages

Communication Interfaces and Protocols: Serial Interfaces: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, I2C, SPI, USB, CAN; Parallel Interfaces: PCI-104, Compact PCI, Embedded PCI-X; Wireless Interfaces and Protocols: Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee

Peripherals for Embedded Systems: Counters and Timers; LCD Controllers; Keypad Controllers; A/D Converters; D/A Converters; Real-Time Clocks; Pulse Width Modulators; Sensors; Motor Drive Circuits

Microcontrollers: 8051 Microcontrollers; PIC Microcontrollers; AVR Microcontrollers; DSP Microcontrollers

Embedded Processors: ARM Processors; PowerPC Processors; Intel Processors; AMD Processors

Software Development: Embedded Software Development; Software Development Steps; Debugging Monitors; Remote Debuggers; Communication with Peripherals

Implementing Embedded Systems: Introduction; Task Management; High-Level Optimizations; Hardware/Software Partitioning; Compilers for Embedded Systems; Voltage Scaling and Power management

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Presentation of a topic (30%) or implementation of an application (50%)
Exam (70% or 50%)


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Updated: September 29, 2018