Dr. Baruch Zoltan Francisc


Computer Architecture

2004/2005 Academic Year

Instructor: Dr.  Zoltan Francisc Baruch

Language: Romanian

Study Year: Eng. in Computers, College Course, 2nd year, 1st semester

Teaching Activities

Lectures: 28 hours
Laboratory Sessions: 28 hours
Seminars: 14 hours

Course Syllabus

Introduction: Digital Computers; Structure of the Physical Machine

Digital Logic Circuits: Boolean Algebra Elements; Boolean Functions; Minimization of Boolean Functions

Central Processing Unit: CPU Structure; Registers; Stack Memory; Instruction Execution

Instruction Sets: Machine Instruction Elements; Assembly Languages; Instruction Types; Addressing Modes; Instruction Format

Arithmetic Logic Unit: Circuits for Adding two Binary Digits; Operations with Fixed-Point Numbers; Operations with Floating-Point Numbers

Control Unit: Micro-Operations; Control of the CPU; Internal CPU Organization; Implementation of the Control Unit

Memory Unit: Characteristics of Memory Systems; Memory Hierarchy; Semiconductor Memory; Cache Memory

I/O Unit: I/O Unit Structure; Types of Peripheral Devices; I/O Modules; The External Interface; Data Transfer Methods

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Final Exam: Closed books


Baruch, Z. F., Computer Architecture (in Romanian), TODESCO, Cluj-Napoca, 2000,
ISBN 973-99780-7-x.

(Out of print)

Further Reading

Wakerly, John F., Digital design Principles and Practices (Romanian translation),
Teora, București, 2002.

Mano, M. Morris., Kime, Charles R., Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals,
Updated Edition, 2/E. Prentice Hall, 2000, ISBN 0-13-031486-2.

Updated: October 06, 2004