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Diploma (license) thesis / Master dissertation

Interested in supervising license theses/dissertations related to my research/teaching subjects, with particular interest (but not limited to) in computer vision (image processing/pattern recognition). Contact via email or office.

Past supervised license theses - examples

1. Temporal Integration of Occupancy Maps for Driving Assistance Systems. Results (top view, about 1 km of driving, blue - road, yellow - sidewalk, red-obstacles):

Global grid: bird eye view

2. Face Detection in Color Images. Results:

Face detection results

3. Automatic Recognition of Low Earth Orbit Objects from Image Sequences. Results:

LEO detection

4. Environment for 3D Road Surface Fitting in Traffic Scenes. Results (surfaces in the virtual camera):

Surface models

5. Obstacle Detection for Smart Mobile Devices. Results (and intermediate steps):

Obstacle detection