Overview AC/CA IP PRS VA Advisor

Main teaching subjects

- Computer Architecture (English and Romanian) AC/CA, 2nd year - course and labs, 2nd semester.

- Image Processing (English) IP, 3rd year - labs and project, 2nd semester.

- Pattern Recognition Systems (English) PRS, 4th year - labs and project, 1st semester.

- Computer Vision / Viziune Artificiala (Romanian only) VA, 1st Master year - seminar, 1st semester.

Diploma (license) thesis / Master dissertation

*** Anunt (23 Ian. 2020) - Licenta, Anul scolar 2020-2021, in sectiunea Advisor

Interested in supervising license theses/dissertations related to my research/teaching subjects, with particular interest in computer vision (image processing/pattern recognition). More info here.