Attendance and marks situation gr.30421
Attendance and marks situation gr.30425
Course and laboratory resources

L1. Using BlueJ (tutorial)

L2. PrimitiveTypes+SimpleIO,

L3. Variables+Expressions,,
      Class diagrams for Lottery project

L4. FlowControl+SimpleClasses,
      Car zipped BlueJ project,
      Example showing visibility of methods

L5. Classes+Objects+Arrays,
      Rules for Coding Style,
      Code to complete:,
      Code to complete:,
      Class Diagram for the Hammurabi game,
      Class Diagram for a playable TicTacToe

L6. Inheritance,
      BlueJ project with insect example,
      BlueJ project without main() with inherited protected variables

L7. Interfaces,
      Object Diagrams,
      BlueJ projects containing the example code, zip,
      BlueJ project implementing assignment 2, zip,
      Class diagram for Matrix of Fractions,
      BlueJ project for,
      Simplified implementation of Numeric interface discussed in class. Use 7-zip to extract files

L8. Exceptions,
      BlueJ project for exercise,
      BlueJ project for exercise,
      BlueJ project for exercise,
      BlueJ project for exercise 5.5, zip

L9. Mouse,
      Code samples for working with the Mouse,
      Keyboard Listeners from Java Tutorial
L10. EventHandling,
      Code for Calculator (jar file with source) from the paper,
      Code for NutPad simple editor from paper (jar file with sources)

L11. Unit testing tutorial

L12. Miniproject final presentation: application, documentation, explainations.

L13. Final lab exam