YEAR 2023


Volume 63, Number 2/2023


·        List of reviewers

·        Nicolae CRIȘAN, “UHF-RFID Antenna for Semi-active Assisted Tags”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alexandru LAZAR, Tudor-Mihai BLAGA, Daniel ZINCA, Virgil DOBROTA, “Security Issues in Internet of Things Botnets: a High Interaction Honeypot Approach”, pp.7-18,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Raul MĂLUȚAN, Bianca BRISC, “Mobile Application for BLE Indoor Positioning ”, pp.19-22, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 63, Number 1/2023


·        List of reviewers

·        Bianca L.M. BOTA, Rareș BUTA, Botond S. KIREI, Calin A. FĂRCAȘ, Sorin A. HINTEA, “A Numerical Model for I/Q Modulation/Demodulation for an FPGA-Enabled SDR Platform”, pp.1-5, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Daniel ZINCA, Virgil DOBROTA, “DDoS Attack Detection using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms over the CIDDOS2019 Dataset”, pp.6-11, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Gheorghe-Romeo ANDREICA, Ciprian STANGU, Iustin-Alexandru IVANCIU, Daniel ZINCA, Virgil DOBROTA, Secure Access with Teltonika GPS Tracking Devices for Intelligent Transportation Systems ”, pp.12-17, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Andreia Valentina MICLEA, Mihaela ABRUDAN, “Spatial-Spectral Classification of Hyperspectral Data with Controlled Data Separation”, pp.18-23, (abstract) (full paper)


YEAR 2022

Volume 62, Number 2/2022


·        List of reviewers

·        Robert BOTEZ, Gabriel LAZAR, Iustin-Alexandru IVANCIU, Virgil DOBROTA, “Leveraging SDN/SD-WAN in Virtual and IoT Deployments Through Automation”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Stefania BARBURICEANU, Andreia MICLEA, Romulus TEREBES, “Deep Learning Strategies Based on Fine-Tuning. Application to Medical Image Classification”, pp.7-12, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Miruna CONŢ , Aurelia CIUPE, “Mapping the Virtual Educational Tours from an Ecosystem Perspective ”, pp.13-18, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Calin-Marian IURIAN, Daniel ZINCA, Iustin-Alexandru IVANCIU, Tudor-Mihai BLAGA, Virgil DOBROTA, “A SYN Flooding DDoS Attack Detection in P4-Based Programmable Networks”, pp.19-24, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Botond Sandor KIREI, Calin Adrian FARCAS, Cosmin CHIRA, Ionut-Alin ILIE, Marius NEAG, “Discrete-Time Simulation of Switched Mode Power Supplies Using Numerical Integration for Educational Purposes”, pp.25-33, (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 62, Number 1/2022


·        List of reviewers

·        Ciprian CIUCIU, Laura-Nicoleta IVANCIU, “Automated Recycling Arm”, pp.1-4, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alecsandra RUSU, Ingrid KOVACS, Bianca CĂRBUNESCU, Marina ŢOPA, Andi BUZO, Georg PELZ, Emilian DAVID, “On Combining Several Optimization Algorithms for Improving the Efficiency of IC Verification Process”, pp.5-10, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Stefania BARBURICEANU, Romulus TEREBES, “Feature Extraction Methods Based on Deep-Learning Approaches. Application to Automatic Diagnosis of Breast Cancer ”, pp.11-16, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Roxana-Daniela ŞUŞTIC, Alexandra MORARU, Andrei-Bogdan RUS, Virgil DOBROTA, “Performance Evaluation of ELK Stack versus Graylog as Open-source Log Management Tools ”, pp.17-22, (abstract) (full paper)


YEAR 2021


Volume 61, Number 2/2021

·        List of reviewers

·        Bogdan Ștefan BUCȘE, Vlad BANDE, “Power Stage and Feedback Loop Design of a Flyback Converter for Powering an Electric Scooter”, pp.1-6 (abstract) (full paper)

·      Marc Eduard GROSS, Dorin Marius PETREUȘ, “ Data Monitoring and Acquisition System Configurations and Parameters for the I2C Protocol”, pp. 7-10, (abstract) (full paper)

·       George GROSU, Romulus TEREBEȘ, “A Python-based Framework for Advanced Research and Development on Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio”, pp. 11-18, (abstract) (full paper)

·        David GRUIAN, Iustin-Alexandru IVANCIU ,  “AUTO DAKAR: a Web Application for the Management of an Automobile Repair Shop”, pp. 19-24, (abstract) (full paper)

·       Vlad-Andrei MONORANU, Tudor-Andrei BLAGA, Virgil-Mircea DOBROTA , “ Device Level Programmability using RESTCONF Protocol: an Introductory Approach”, pp. 25-32, (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 61, Number 1/2021


·        List of reviewers

·        Călin FARCAS, Marina TOPA, “Acoustical Evaluation Method of a Classroom of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca”, pp.1-6 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Călin FARCAS , Ramona AGRIJAN, Sorin HINTEA,  “ Stability of Several Types of High Frequency Ring Oscillators Depending on Circuit Configurations and Parameters”, pp. 7-14, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Dan-Andrei MARGIN, Denisa-Adina MOLDOVAN, Iustin-Alexandru IVANCIU, Jordi DOMINGO-PASCUAL, Virgil DOBROTA,   “ Security Optimization of IOT Platforms based on Named Data Networking”, pp. 15-20, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Stefania BARBURICEANU, Romulus TEREBES ,   “Plant Disease Classification using Texture and Colour”, pp. 21-28, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Andreia-Valentina MICLEA, Romulus TEREBES ,   “ A Novel Local Binary Patterns and Wavelet Transform-based Approach for Hyperspectral Image Classification”, pp. 29-34, (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2019


Volume 60, Number 3-4/2019


·        List of reviewers

·        Levente SZABO, “Battery As Independent Power Source”, pp1-4 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Gyorgy GYOROK,  “Continuous Operation Monitoring of Electronic Circuits with Embedded Microcontroller”, pp. 5-10, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 60, Number 2/2019


·        List of reviewers

·        Sara HASANI, Mahdi BAHAGHIGHAT, Mehdi MIRFATAHIA, “The Mediating Effect of the Brand on the Relationship Between Social Network Marketing and Consumer Behavior”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul TOTA, Mircea-F. VAIDA, “Dedicated Applications of Telepresence Robots for Education”, pp.7-11, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Jignesh M. PARMAR, “Neoteric Mitigation Scheme for Pilot Contamination in TDD Massive MIMO”, pp.12-16, (abstract) (full paper)

·        A. Sujaya DASGUPTA, B. Madhukar .S. ZAMBARE, C. Nitin KULKARNI, Arvind D. SHALIGRAM, “Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring System for Rivers”, pp.17-22, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 60, Number 1/2019


·        List of reviewers

·        Mihály GÖRBE , “Experiences from Running a “Home-Brew” Laboratory Course and Setting Up a New Student Measurement Session for The Education of Sensorics”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Károly SZÉLL, “Industry 4.0 Pilot Laboratory”, pp.7-10, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Péter UDVARDY, Károly SZÉLL, “Advanced Navigation of Automated Vehicles in Smart Manufacturing”, pp.11-14, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Szabó LEVENTE, “Battery Voltage Response to Pulse Charging”, pp.15-21, (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2018


Volume 59, Number 4/2018


·        List of reviewers

·        Liliana IVANCIU, Paul FARAGO, Sorin HINTEA ,  A Review Of ECG Based Biometric Systems”, pp1-4 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Aurelian COSTEA, Paul ŞCHIOPU, Marian VLĂDESCU, “Decision Balancing: Processes Implementation Based On PIR Sensor Performances ”, pp.5-12 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ana BĂRAR, Marian VLĂDESCU , Paul SCHIOPU , “Effect Of Temperature On The Parameters Of A Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar” ,pp.13-16 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Dumitru CIOFLICA, Adrian TULBURE and Calin PETRASCU, “Applied Behavior Analysis Of Norton And Thevenin Circuits ”, pp.17-20  (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 59, Number 3/2018


·        List of reviewers

·        Elena Roxana BUHUS, Lacrimioara GRAMA, Alexandra DOBRE, “Riskcam: A Smart Video Surveillance Application Design Concept”, pp1-7 (abstract) (full paper)

·        David Álvarez SANCHEZ, Santiago Garrido BULON, Luis MORENO, Adriana BIRLUTIU, Manuella KADAR, “Automatic Character Recognition in Porcelain Ware”, pp.8-12 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alexandru NITU, Gheorghe MARC, “Microcontroller’s Using in Monitoring the Maintenance System of Flexible Manufacturing Lines” ,pp.13-16 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Corina ROTAR, Laszlo Barna IANTOVICS , “Solving Multiobjective Optimization Problems Using a Non-Pareto Based Fitness Assignment Method”, pp.17-22  (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 59, Number 2/2018


·        List of reviewers

·        Mihaela GAVRILĂ, Ion BOGDAN, “The Optimization of Traffic in Urban Agglomerations”, pp.1-4, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Tomáš HUSZANÍK, Ján TURÁN, Luboš OVSENÍK, “Experimental Simulation of Coherent 40 GBPS 2-DPSK DWDM Long-Haul Fiber Optical System with Counter-Directional EDFA”, pp.5-8, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Priyabrata BISWAS, Srija DE, Debasree CHANDA SARKAR, Sushanta BISWAS, Partha PRATIM SARKAR, “A High Gain Dual ISM Band Monopole Printed Antenna for WLAN Applications with Omnidirectional Radiation Pattern”, pp.9-12, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Toma TELEMBICI, Lacrimioara GRAMA, “Detecting Indoor Sound Events”, pp.13-17, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mihai Alexandru ILIE, Liviu VIMAN, Dan PITICĂ, “Radial Stubs Design Method for Microstrip Filters Based on Nonlinear Equation System”, pp.18-21, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Tomina Fabiola SALAJAN, Iulian CAMPANU, Raul ONEŢ, Marius NEAG, Marina ŢOPA, “Analysis and Comparison of Universal Gm-C Biquad Structures”, pp.22-27 (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 59, Number 1/2018


·        List of reviewers

·        Mahdi BAHAGHIGHAT1, Arash NAGHDEHFORUSHHA, Mohammad Reza SALEHIFAR, Mehdi MIRFATTAHI, “Designing Straight Coaxial Connectors for Feeder and Jumpers in Cellular Mobile Base Stations”, pp.1-5, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul GAJITZKI,  Alexandru ISAR, Georgiana MAGU , “A New Algorithm for Fractional Brownian Motion Processes Generation”,  pp.6-9, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Rajat G. PANDEY, “Circular Microstrip Patch Array with Small Circular Slots Leading to Multiband Operation for WLAN Applications”, pp.10-13, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Sînică ALBOAIE, Alexandrina RATA, Emil HOROMNEA, Mircea VAIDA, “Semantic Analysis Audit in Triple-Entry Accounting Systems Based on Blockchain”, pp.14-18, (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2017


Volume 58, Number 4/2017


·        List of reviewers

·        Elena Roxana BUHUS, Lacrimioara GRAMA, Corneliu RUSU, “Linear Predictive Cepstral Coefficients In Wildlife Detection Systems”, pp.1-5  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cosmin CIUCIU, Daniel BĂRBUţĂ, Sebastian SĂSĂUJAN, Emilia şIPOş, “Autonomous Scale Model Car With Ultrasonic Sensors And Arduino Board”, pp.6-11  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mihaela CIRLUGEA, “Second Order Polynomial Function Implementation Using Elin Analog Building Blocks”, pp.12-15  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Anca APATEAN, Evelyn SZAKACS, Magnolia TILCA, ”Machine-Learning Based Application For Staff Recruiting”, pp.16-21  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Teodor SUMALAN, “A Humidity Sensor Based on Soil Thermal Conductivity”, pp.22-25(abstract) (full paper)

·        Alexandra IOSUB, Ingrid KOVACS, Andi BUZO, Jerome KIRSCHER, Georg PELZ, Liviu GORAS, Arcadie CRACAN, “Application Fitness Analysis Based On Meta-modeling Techniques – A Case Study: E-Bike”,  pp.26-33  (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 58, Number 3/2017


·        List of reviewers

·        Sergiu-Alex RANGA, Botond Sandor KIREI, Marina Dana TOPA,  “Numerical Modeling Of Cascaded Photovoltaic Cells In An Open Source Simulation Environment”, pp.1-6  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alexandru SCROB, Jean-Louis AUGUSTE, Ramona GĂLĂTUS, Lorant SZOLGA, Nicoleta TOSA,” Design For Sensor Based On Suspended Core Microstructured Optical Fiber”, pp.7-10  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mohammed M. ASAD, Ibrahim Marouf, Qasem Abu AL-HAIJA,  “Investigation Study of Feasible Prime Number Testing Algorithms”, pp.11-15 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Olimpiu POP, Lacrimioara GRAMA, Corneliu RUSU, “Fourfold Microphones Area For Acoustic Source Localization” , pp. 16-21 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Petre G. POP , “Discriminate Animal Species Using Cepstral Coefficients And TESPAR Analysis” , pp.22-26 (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 58, Number 2/2017


·        List of reviewers

·        Catalina MALINCHI, Radu LACATUSU, Aurelia CIUPE, Serban MEZA,  “Enhanced Interactivity In Virtual Tours, pp.1-4  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Gabriel OLTEAN, Laura-Nicoleta IVANCIU, Horea Alin BALEA ,” Development Of a Speed Control System For A DC Motor Using A Fuzzy Logic Controller”, pp.5-8  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Dănut VÂSC, Serban Nicolae MEZA, Aurelia CIUPE, Aurel VLAICU,  “Product Differentiation And User Engagement With AR Battleship Game Based App”, pp.9-12 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Emilia SIPOS, Robert GROZA, Laura N. IVANCIU, “Power Consumption And Noise Margin Comparison Between Simple Ternary Inverter And Binary Inverter” , pp13-16 (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 58, Number 1/2017


·        List of reviewers

·        Nicolae CRISAN, “FDTD Microwaves Simulator Using Advance Computer Graphic Technologies ”, pp.1-5  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Elena Roxana BUHUS, Anca APĂTEAN ,  “State of the Art: Methods for Video Based Fire Detection Via Stationary Camera”, pp.6-11  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Laura-Nicoleta IVANCIU, Gabriel OLTEAN, “Crowd Evacuation Using Multi-Objective Optimization and Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Logic System”, pp.12-15  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Vlad CODÎRLĂ, Aurelia CIUPE, Bogdan ORZA, Serban MEZA , “A Method and Specific Challenges for Obtaining a HDR Hyperlapse From Still Images”, pp.16-21 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Adrian TAUT, Iustin A. IVANCIU, Eduard LUCHIAN, Virgil DOBROTA , “Active Measurement of the Latency in Cloud-Based Networks”, pp. 22-30 (abstract) (full paper)


YEAR 2016


Volume 57, Number 4/2016


·        List of reviewers

·        Ervin SZOPOS, Ioana SARACUT, Horia HEDESIU , “Efficient FPGA Implementation Of An Adaptive Filter For Noise Cancellation”, pp.1-4,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Jean De Dieu NKAPKOP, Joseph Yves EFFA, Monica BORDA, Anton CIPRIAN, Laurent BITJOKA, Alidou MOHAMADOU ,  “Efficient Chaos-Based Cryptosystem for Real Time Application”, pp.5-10  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Radu ARSINTE, Eugen LUPU , “An Experimental Evaluation Of Analog TV Cable Services Distributed In GPON Architecture”, pp.11-14  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Gheorghe TURCAN, Nicolai DOBROSTOMAT, Marius NEAG, Marina TOPA , “Infrared Monitoring System Using MIWI Technolog y”, pp.15-20 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Liliana TOMA , “Comparative Analysis of pH Control Methods”, pp. 21-26 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Anca APĂTEAN , “Experimenting Features Selection Methods In WEKA For Computer Vision”, pp.27-35,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Lăcrimioara GRAMA, Alexandru LODIN, Corneliu RUSU , “About Converting Active Analog Filters To Digital Filters”, pp.36-39, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Eugen LUPU, Radu ARSINTE, Horea CHIS , “An Intel Galileo Platform Application Development Using Matlab”, pp.40-43,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Radu A. SASCĂU, Cristina OLARIU, Cristian STĂTESCU , “Quantification and Prevention Techniques Of Prosthetis-Patient Mismatch”, pp.44-49 (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 57, Number 3/2016


·        List of reviewers

·        Anca APATEAN, “Designing Efficient Multimodal Classification Systems Based on Features and SVM Kernels Selection”, pp.1-9,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Elena Roxana BUHUS, Daniel TIMIS, Anca APATEAN, “Automatic Parking Access Using OPENALPR On Raspberry PI3”, pp. 10-15,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ingrid KOVACS, Marina TOPA, Andi BUZO, Monica RAFAILĂ, Georg PELZ, “Comparison of Sensitivity Analysis Methods in High-Dimensional Verification Spaces”, pp. 16-22  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Sorin POPA, Mircea-Florin VAIDA, “Outspreading Enterpise Capabilities into the Cloud – A Commercial Case Study”, pp. 23-28  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Emilia SIPOS, Laura IVANCIU, Lavinia MICLE, “Fuzzy Modelling of the Voltage Transfer Characteristic for the Simple Ternary Inverter” , pp. 29-32  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Lorant SZOLGA, Alexandru SAMSODAN, “Optical System Used for Sorting Apples by Size” , pp. 33-40  (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 57, Number 2/2016


·        List of reviewers

·        Anca APĂTEAN, David ABRUDEAN,” Designing and Implementation of a PV Polycrystalline Panel-Based, Two-Axis Solar Tracking System”, pp.1-8,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Anca APĂTEAN, Flaviu B. DUNCA , An Intelligent Eye-Detection Based, Vocal E-Book Reader for the Internet Of Things , pp. 9-14 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mihaela CISLARIU, Mihaela GORDAN, Aurel VLAICU, Monica BORDA,An Adaptive Visual Dictionary Based Approach to Old Film Restoration”,  pp. 15-22  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian ORIAN, Dorin PETREUŞ, Radu ETZ,Sliding Mode Control of Buck Converters for Improved Transient Response”,  pp. 23-31  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Laura-Nicoleta IVANCIU, Gabriel OLTEAN,Expert System for Receiver Architecture Selection”, pp. 32-35  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Joseph Yves EFFA, Jean De Dieu NKAPKOP, Mihaela CISLARIU, Monica BORDA,Comparative Analysis of Different Structures of Chaos-Based Cryptosystems: A Survey”, pp. 36-41  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Raul MALUTAN, Mircea POP, Mihaela CISLARIU, Monica BORDA,Secure Access System on the QorIQ NXP Platform Using RSA and DSA”, pp. 42-46  (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 57, Number 1/2016


·        List of reviewers

·        Eduard LUCHIAN, Iustin A. IVANCIU, Andrei B. RUS, Gabriel LAZAR, Virgil DOBROTA,” Migration of an SDN-Based Testbed into a Private Cloud: An OpenStack Approach”, pp.1-10,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Julia FERENCZ, Orsolya PENZES, Gyula USZKAI, Florina DUDU, Evelin HORVATH, Florian Mircea BOIAN, Remus ORASAN , “ZipMap: localizing multiple points of interest - maps and statistics”, pp. 11-16 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Adrian DONE, “A Band Pass Filter For The 436 MHz Band”, pp. 17-21  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Le MINH TAN , Keyvan GHANBARI, “Development Of The New ELF/VLF Receiver For Detecting The Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances”, pp. 22-26  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ionut B. BRANDUSOIU, Gavril TODEREAN, “Churn Prediction In The Telecommunications Sector Using Neural Networks”, pp. 27-30  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Serge Maxime FONOU, Dorin PETREUS, Martin KAMTA, Khalil KASSMI, “Supervision Of A Photovoltaic System For Making It Transparent In Unpredictable Weather”, pp. 31-36  (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2015


Volume 56, Number 4/2015


·        List of reviewers

·        Julia FERENCZ, Christoph KOWALSKI, Victor BADIC, Orsolya PENZES, Sebastian DIENG, Andreas KÄMMERLE, Simone WESSELMANN, “On Data Organization and Collection Policies in the Informational Systems of the German Cancer Society’s Certification Program”, pp.1-12, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Vipan KAKKAR, Suhaib AHMED, Sakshi, “An Enhanced Pre-Amplifier for Cochlear Implants”, pp. 13-17    (abstract) (full paper)

·        Levente SZABO, “The Generation of the Resonance Phenomenon in Accumulators Through Charging Pulses”, pp. 18-25  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Oana Aronia MURESAN, Andra PASTRAV, Emanuel PUSCHITA, Tudor PALADE, “Ionospheric HF Channel Modeling and End-To-End HF System Simulation”, pp. 26-31  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alexandru POSTINIUC, Andra PASTRAV, Emanuel PUSCHITA, Radu ARSINTE, Tudor PALADE, “Determination of the TEC Parameter Based on GPS Received Signals”, pp. 32-37  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mihaela CIRLUGEA, Lorant SZOLGA, “ELIN Programmable Gain Amplifiers”, pp. 38-41  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Viorica R. CHIFU, Cristina Bianca POP, Ion SALOMIE, Andreea ACZEL, “Clustering Food Recipes Using a Flower Pollination-Based Method”, pp. 42-47  (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 56, Number 3/2015


·        List of reviewers

·        Anca APĂTEAN, Carmen MISAROS, “Using a PLC to Command a Plastic Injection Molding Machine”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Emil St. CHIFU, Tiberiu St. LETIA, Bogdan BUDISAN, Viorica R. CHIFU, “Web Harvesting and Sentiment Analysis of Consumer Feedback”, pp. 7-14    (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul BECHET, Radu Mircea SCORTAR, Teodor TODOROV, Blagovesta BONEVA, Simona MICLAUS, “Design and Testing of an Automated Receiving System for the Ionospheric Sounding in HF Radiofrequency Range”, pp. 15-18  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul FARAGÓ, Claudia FARAGÓ, Sorin HINTEA, “An ECG Artifact Reduction Methodology Based on Parameter Adaptation of Analog Filters”, pp. 19- 24  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ciprian LAPUSAN, Radu BALAN, “Development of a Home Temperature Control Unit Based on a Model Predictive Control Strategy”, pp. 25-28  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Kuderna-Iulian BENTA, Marcel CREMENE, Silviu-Andrei MATU, Ioana Roxana PODINA, “SPEAKEASY-A Mobile Assistant for The Management of Social Anxiety in Speech Situations”, pp. 29-35  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alin GRAMA, Dorin PETREUS, Toma PĂTĂRĂU, Radu ETZ, “Simulink Model for a Bio-Diesel Electrical Power Generator Used into a Farm”, pp. 36-41  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Lăcrimioara GRAMA, Corneliu RUSU, “Averaged Binary Sparsogram for Wildlife Intruder Detection”, pp. 42-47  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Doru Gabriel BALAN, Alin Dan POTORAC, Adrian GRAUR, IPV6 Extension of HTB-Tools for Linux Traffic Control Based on HTB”, pp. 48-53 (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 56, Number 2/2015


·        List of reviewers

·        Le MINH TAN,  Marjan MARBOUTI, Keyvan GHANBARI, “Constructing A Low-Cost ELF/VLF Remote Sensing To Observe Tweek Sferics Generated By Lightning Discharges (received 1/02/2015)”, pp.1-5   (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian CONTAN, Mircea VAIDA, Tudor PALADE, Marina TOPA, Adaptive Combination of Second Order Volterra Filters with NLMS and Sign-NLMS Algorithms for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation”, pp. 6-13    (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioan DOMUTA, Tudor PALADE, Emanuel PUSCHITA, Ovidiu RATIU, Radu ARSINTE,  “ISA100.11a Capabilities For Intra-Spacecraft Communication”, pp. 14-19  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul Vladut DASCAL, Paul DOLEA, Octavian CRISTEA, Tudor PALADE, “LRPT Weather Satellite Image Acquisition Using a SDR-Based Reception System”, pp. 20- 25  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian ORIAN, Dorin PETREUŞ, “The Design And Implementation Of A PID Controller On A FPGA”, pp. 26-30  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Dorin PETREUS, Radu ETZ, Toma PATARAU, Cristian ORIAN, “Microgrid Concept Based On Distributed Renewable Generators for a Greenhouse”,  pp. 31-36  (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 56, Number 1/2015


·        List of reviewers

·        Adrian Călin FĂRCAȘ, Ervin SZOPOS, Ioana SĂRĂCUȚ, Marius NEAG, Marina Dana ȚOPA, “Optimized Synthesis and FPGA Implementation of a FIR Filter for Multiple Position Equalization of a Recording Studio/Concert Hall”, pp.1-6 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Emilia ȘIPOS, Luiza BUZDUGAN, Laura IVANCIU, “AidISO – The First Step for Small and Medium-Sized Companies in Becoming ISO 9001:2008 Certified”, pp. 7-12  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Robert GROZA, Claudia FARAGÓ, “Fully Differential Current Mode Low-Pass Biquad with Independent Parameter Tuning”, pp. 13-16  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alexandra FODOR, Rajmond JANO, “Thermal Influences on Electronic Components from the Manufacturing Stage to System Integration”, pp. 17-20  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Claudia FARAGÓ, Paul FARAGÓ, Sorin HINTEA, Gabriel OLTEAN, “An Evolutionary FPAA Reconfiguration Algorithm Based on the Open Traveling Salesman Problem”, pp. 21-28  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Sorin POPA, Mircea-Florin VAIDA, Enterprise Bus as a Service – An Ideal Cloud Connectivity Model”,  pp. 29-34  (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2014


Volume 55, Number 4/2014


·        List of reviewers

·        Dan Bogdan ZAH, Bogdan MIHĂILESCU, Andrei Bogdan RUS, Kurt EDER, Virgil DOBROTĂ, “Security Analysis of the Architectural Components within a Web-Based Reporting Application”, pp.1-6   (abstract) (full paper)

·        Romulus TEREBEȘ,  “A Diffusion Approach for Oriented Volume Data Denoising”, pp.7-12, (abstract) (full paper)

·        László LEFKOVITS, Szidónia LEFKOVITS, Mircea Florin VAIDA, “Survey of MR Image Processing Methods”, pp.13-18  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Szabó LEVENTE, “The Transition Period of the Charging of Accumulators”, pp.19-24  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ionuț B. BRÂNDUȘOIU, Gavril TODEREAN, “Applying Principal Component Analysis on Call Detail Records”, pp.25-28  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana SĂRĂCUȚ, Erwin SZOPOS, Marius NEAG, Călin FĂRCAȘ, Marina Dana ȚOPA, “Human Audiogram FIR Modeling with Matlab Toolkits”, pp.29-32  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Lorant SZOLGA, Bianca VLAICU, Ramona GĂLĂTUȘ, Emil VOICULESCU, “Colorimeter for Fruit Sorting System”,  pp.33-36  (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 55, Number 3/2014


·        List of reviewers


·        A Life Dedicated to Science and Innovation – Doctor Honoris Causa for Dr. Barrie GILBERT, pp.1-3 (abstract) (full paper)

Regular papers

·        Santanu MAITY, Chandan Tilak BHUNIA, Partha Pratim SAHU, “Improvement Of Some Effective Parameters Of C-Si Solar Cell For Better Efficiency”, pp.4-9  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Calin RAILEAN, Monica BORDA, Alexandra MORARU,” Complex Event Processing in Social Media”, pp.10-13  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Bogdana RÂZA, Alexandra RÂZA, Paul FARAGÓ, Sorin HINTEA, “Design Illustration Of An EKG Analog Interface Using Genetic Algorithms”, pp.14-19  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Iustin Alexandru IVANCIU, Andrei Bogdan RUS, Virgil DOBROTĂ, “A Tunnel-Based Solution for Seamless Vertical Handover and Load Balancing”, pp.20-26  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Radu ARSINTE, “On The Automated Planning And Design Of SMATV Systems”, pp.27-30  (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 55, Number 2/2014


·        List of reviewers

·        Anamaria OROS, Marina ŢOPA, Marius NEAG, Monica RAFAILA, Georg PELZ, “On Robustness Optimization Based On Metamodels”, pp.1-6  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Flaviu Ilie BOB , “Long Range Sound Source Localization Experiments”, pp.7-12  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul. N. MARTARI, Botond S. KIREI, Bogdan I. OLAIOŞ, Marina D. ŢOPA, “Automated Power-Voltage Characterization Of Photovoltaic Panels”, pp.13-18  (abstract) (full paper)

·        T.E. DACHIN, D. PITICA, G. CHINDRIS, C. M. NEMES, “HIL Testing Method Enhancement Based On Algebraic Method Prediction”, pp.19-22  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mircea Valeriu ULINIC, Andrei Bogdan RUS, Virgil DOBROTA, “OpenFlow-Based Implementation of a Gearbox-Like Routing Algorithm Selection in Runtime”, pp.23-32  (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 55, Number 1/2014


·        List of reviewers

·        Fatima AMEUR,  Katia KOUZI, Nachida KASBADJI MERZOUK, “Fuzzy Logic Controller Based on an Indirect Vector Control of   Dual Stator Induction Generator in Wind Energy Conversion System”, pp.1-9 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicolae CRISAN, “High Linearity Analog Optocouplers – Applications Inside the RF Shielded Enclosures”, pp. 10-14  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Claudia FARAGÓ, Alexandru LODIN, Robert GROZA, “An Operational Transconductance Amplifier Sizing Methodology with Genetic Algorithm-Based Optimization”, pp. 15-20  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana ILEA, Monica BORDA, “Pre-Processing and Clustering Algorithms for Microarray Data in Cancer Research”, pp. 21-25  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Erwin SZOPOS, Călin FĂRCAŞ, Marina ŢOPA, Marius NEAG, Ioana SĂRĂCUŢ, “Labview Tool for Designing FIR Filters for Acoustic Equalization”, pp. 26-32  (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2013


Volume 54, Number 4/2013


·        List of reviewers

·        Gabriel OLTEAN, Alex PRODAN, Monica RAFAILĂ, Laura IVANCIU , “Prediction of Waveforms under the Variation of Input Parameters Using Neural Networks”, pp. 1-6  (abstract) (full paper)

·        D. POPA, K. BOUDAOUD, M. BORDA, “Secure Mobile-Cloud Framework – Implementation on The Mobile Device”, pp. 7-12 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Aurelia CIUPE, Ovidiu ARION, Marcel CREMENE, Bogdan ORZA, “A Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Model Based On Job Profile Schemes”, pp. 13-21  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Emilia ŞIPOŞ, Lucian O. CICA, Costin MIRON, Laura IVANCIU, “Development and Performance Evaluation of a Ternary Functions Minimization Tool, Implemented Using Matlab”, pp. 22-27 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Laura N. IVANCIU, Gabriel OLTEAN, “Parameter Distribution in Receiver Chains: A Hybrid Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithm Approach”, pp. 28-33  (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 54, Number 3/2013


·        List of reviewers

·        Diaf YOUSSOUF, Kaddeche MOHAMED, “A Neural Network Implementation On FPGA For Ecological Monitoring”, pp. 1-6 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ionut B. BRANDUSOIU, Gavril TODEREAN, “Predicting Churn In Mobile Telecommunications Industry”, pp. 7-12 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Oana Loredana BUZATU, “Local And Global Spectral Visual Saliency Estimation Based On Human Visual Behavior”, pp. 13-20 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul MARTARI, Dorin PETREUS, Marius NEAG, “Novel Current Line Sensor Based On Matched Optocouplers For Active Power Factor Correction”, pp.21-25 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian RADUCAN, István KOVÁCS, Paul MARTARI, Marius NEAG, “Comparative Analysis Of Three Versions Of A Capacitor-Less LDO Structure That Supplies A Rail-To-Rail VCO”, pp.26-32 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Oana GUI, Costin MIRON, Petre OGRUTAN,” HDRI And RETINEX Techniques Applied For Cultural Heritage Domain”, pp.33-36 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Bianca FAGARAS, Ingrid KOVACS, Anamaria OROS, Monica RAFAILA, Marina Dana TOPA, Manuel HARRANT,” On Replication In Design Of Experiments”, pp.37-41 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ingrid KOVACS,, Bianca FAGARAS,, Anamaria OROS, Marina Dana TOPA, Monica RAFAILA, Manuel HARRANT, “Blocking In Design Of Experiments”, pp.42-46 (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 54, Number 2/2013


·        List of reviewers

·        Victor-Eugen SALCĂ Roxana-Dorina MOLDOVAN Bogdan ORZA Aurel VLAICU , “Interactive Tools For Learning Foreign Languages – Case Study: Cluj-Napoca German Cultural Centre” pp.1-6 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Bianca Alexandra FAGARAS, Cristian CONTAN, Marina Dana TOPA, “Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using Wavelet Transform And Adaptive Filters” pp. 7-13 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Gabriel LAZAR Tudor Mihai BLAGA Virgil DOBROTA , “Implementation Issues For a Video Streaming Server In IEEE 802.11E Wlans”  pp. 14-23  (abstract) (full paper)

·        D. POPA, K. BOUDAOUD, M. CREMENE, M. BORDA, “Personalized Security Mechanism for Mobile Cloud Applications” pp.24-27  (abstract) (full paper)

·        K. RAMAMOORTHY, T. CHELLADURAI, V. MANIKANDAN, “An Efficient approach to minimize power and area in carry select adder using binary to excess one converter” pp.28-35  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicolae CRISAN, Ligia CREMENE, “NOAA Signal Decoding And Image Processing Using GNU-Radio” pp.36-39 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Monica ZOLOG, “A New Approach To Signal Reflections Analysis On PCB Transmission Lines Terminated On Nonlinear Impedances” pp.40-47  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alexandru Florin ANTONE, Radu ARSINTE, “Advanced Methods And Tools For Online Evaluation Of Multiplexing Services And Encoding Parameters In Digital Video Broadcasting” pp. 48-53 (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 54, Number 1/2013


·        List of reviewers

·        Cristian CONŢAN, Marina Dana ŢOPA, Botond Sandor KIREI, Ingrid Maria KOVACS , “A Derived Robust Statistics Approach For Adaptive Volterra Filters Applied In Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation Scenarios”, pp.1-8 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ingrid Maria KOVACS, Cristian CONŢAN, Marina ŢOPA . “Convergence Rate and Steady-State Error Improvement in Acoustic System Identification Using the Combination of Linear NLMS Adaptive Filters”, pp. 8-14,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        L. GRAINI, K. SAOUCHI ,” Simulation Of DWDM Communication System At 8.10 Gbit/s Using Continuum Source In The Transmitter”, pp. 15-18,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Raul T. FIZEŞAN , “Reliable Power Integrity Analysis Using MATLAB”, pp.19-24,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ştefan S. DRAGOŞ, Mircea F. VAIDA, Cristian M. URECHE, Loreta A. ŞUTA, Alin VOINA , “Detecting Dependencies Between States of Multiple Data Streams”, pp25-33,  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Adrian Călin FĂRCAŞ, Marina Dana ŢOPA , “On The Choice Of The Method For Obtaining The Room Impulse Response”,  pp. 34-42, (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2012:


Volume 53, Number 4/2012


·        List of reviewers

·        Mircea-Cristian GHERMAN, Cyrille PIATECKI, Monica BORDA, “Decisions Tools In Signal Processing: A Stochastic Dominance Perspective”, pp.1-8 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Oana Loredana BUZATU, Bogdan Tudor GORAŞ, Liviu GORAŞ,  Emil Ghiocel IOANID , “Evaluation Of The Plasma Cleaned Surface Of A Heritage Wooden Painting Using IQA Methods”, pp.9-16 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marius DANCIU, Radu ORGHIDAN, Mihaela GORDAN, Aurel VLAICU , “Neuro-Fuzzy stereo camera calibration architectures used in interactions with medical volumes”, pp.17-26 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Petre G. POP , “On Using DNA Distances And Consensus In Repeats Detection”, pp.27-32 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Victor-Eugen SALCĂ, Roxana-Dorina MOLDOVAN, Bogdan ORZA, Aurel VLAICU, “Interactive Learning Concept In Special Educational Programmes For High-Performance Athletes”, pp.33-40 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicolae CRISAN ,”An Affordable Approach For Extending The SDR Concept Over X Microwaves Radio Band”, pp.41-46 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana SĂRĂCUŢ, Marius NEAG, Raul ONEŢ, Istvàn KOVÀCS , “Design Optimization of Analog Active Circuits Using the Genetic Algorithm”, pp.47-52 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Monica ZOLOG , “An Experimental Analysis Of Signal Reflections On Printed Circuit Board Transmission Lines”, pp.53-62 (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 53, Number 3/2012


·        List of reviewers

·        Vlad DASCAL, Paul DOLEA, Octavian CRISTEA, Tudor PALADE , “Improved VHF Ground Station For NOAA Weather Satellite APT Image Reception” pp.1-7 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mihai-Alin BADIU, Mihaly VARGA, Vasile BOTA, Aurel VLAICU, “Simplification Of A Link Performance Prediction Method Based On Mutual Information” pp.8-11 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Norbert TOMA, Marina ŢOPA, Ioana SĂRĂCUŢ, “Improvement Of Jot’s Reverberation Algorithm” pp. 12-15 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mohamed ZELLAGUI, Abdelaziz CHAGHI, “Modified Setting Numerical Distance Protection Of Power Transmission Line In Presence of TCSC Using IEC 62850 Communication Protocol” pp. 16-24 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Gheorghe SAUCIUC, “Resonant Cavities for Duplex Filters in VHF Repeaters: Analysis, Implementation, and Testing” pp.25-29 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Shakeel Salamat ULLAH, “A Novel Preamble Design For Channel Estimation In MIMO-OFDM Systems Resulting In Enhanced Throughput” pp.30-34 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Bogdan BETEA, Mircea-Cristian GHERMAN, Monica BORDA, Petru DOBRA, ” Bearing Defects Signals Demodulation Using Shock Filters” pp.35-40 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana SARACUT, Marius NEAG, Victor POPESCU, Erwin SZOPOS,  “A Genetic AlgorithmFor The Optimization Of The Analog Channel Filter” pp. 41-46 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marius-Cristian URECHE, Mircea-Florin VAIDA, “MIPIOS –Medical Image Processing Application Oriented For Mobile Devices” pp. 47-52 (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 53, Number 2/2012


·        List of reviewers

·        Balwinder SINGH, Sukhleen Bindra NARANG, Arun KHOSLA, “Test Power Optimization With Reordering Of Genetic Test Vectors For VLSI Circuits” , pp.1-5 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Zhandos YESSENBAYEV, “Robust Feature Sets For The Speech Processing”, pp.6-16 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mihai DARABAN, Dan PITICA, “Coding Technique For Information Sent Through a PCB Parallel Data Bus For Avoiding Crosstalk”, pp.17-22 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paula SEVASTIAN, Andrei Bogdan RUS, Virgil DOBROTA, “Simulation of the Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm Using OMNET++”, pp.23-29  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Loreta SUTA, Mircea VAIDA, “Global Blur Assessment and Blurred Region Detection in Natural Images”, pp.30-35 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Jánó RAJMOND, “Accelerated Ageing Tests of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Evaluating Lifetime Prediction Models”, pp.36-41 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marius-Cristian URECHE, Mircea-Florin VAIDA, Stefan DRAGOS, Loreta SUTA, Alin VOINA, “An Approach To Non-rigid US-MRI Registration Of Pelvic Organs For Endometriosis Diagnosis”, pp. 42-47 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Toma PATARAU, Radu ETZ, Dorin PETREUS, “Auto-Compensation Method For A Buck Converter”, pp.48-55 (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian CONTAN, Marina TOPA,  “Decoupled Second-Order Volterra Filter Structure Using The NLMF Adaptive Algorithm For Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation”, pp.56-60  (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana SARACUT, Victor POPESCU, Marina Dana TOPA,  “A MATLAB GUI For Simulating The Propagation Of The Electromagnetic Field In a 2-D Infinite Space”, pp.61-66 (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 53, Number 1/2012


·        List of reviewers

·        Bogdan TUDOR , “Pairing For Elliptic Curves With Embedding Degree 1 Defined Over Prime Order Fields”, pp.1-8, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicolae LUCANU, Irinel Valentin PLETEA, Ion BOGDAN, Henri BAUDRAND , “Wave Iterative Process Study Of Double Dipole Scattering”, pp.9-14, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian ANDRONE, Tudor PALADE , “Characterization Of Small Cells Networks Deployment Options And Their Impact Upon Macro-Cellular Networks”, pp. 15-20, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul FARAGÓ, Thomas JACKUM, Christoph BÖHM, Maximilian HOFER, “ Illustration of Automatic Digital Synthesis for Camellia-128 Cipher Algorithm”,pp.21-25, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Oana Loredana BUZATU, “ Human Visual Perception Concepts as Mechanisms for Saliency Detection”, pp.25-30, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Zsuzsanna Ilona KISS, Zsolt Alfred POLGAR, Gavril Ionel MEDAN, Mircea GIURGIU, “ Integration of Network Coding Techniques in Future Internet Architectures”, pp.31-36, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Radu ARSINTE, Alexandru Florin ANTONE, “ Investigating Methods to Simulate and Evaluate Signal Distribution in Analog and Digital TV Cable Networks”, pp. 37-42, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Vipan KAKKAR, “ Improved Spatial Scalability for Video Compression”, pp. 43-46, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul DOLEA, Vlad DASCAL, Tudor PALADE, Octavian CRISTEA, “ Low-Cost Prototype Equipment for VLF Radio Wave Monitoring”, pp.47-51 (abstract) (full paper)

Editorial Paper

·        Radu ARSINTE,  “15 Years Of Acta Technica Napocensis - Electronics And Telecomunications Journal”, pp.52-53, (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2011:


Volume 52, Number 4/2011


·        List of reviewers

·        Georgeta BOANEA, Melinda BARABAS, Virgil DOBROTA,” An Overview of Today’s Multipath Routing”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Liviu T. CHIRA, “ Resolution Improvement of Ultrasound Images Using Deconvolution and Super-resolution Algorithms”, pp.7-12, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana HOMANA, Irina MURESAN, Marina TOPA, Cristian CONTAN, “ FPGA Implementation of LMS and NLMS Adaptive Filters for Acoustic Echo Cancellation”, pp.13-16, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Vipan KAKKAR, Abhishek SHARMA, T.K. MANGALAM, Pallavi KAR,  “Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using Wavelet Transform and Gabor Filtering”, pp.17-25, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicolae C. PAMPU , “Study of Effects of the Short Time Fourier Transform Configuration on EEG Spectral Estimates”, pp.26-29, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Anghel BOTOS, Vasile BOTA, Aurel VLAICU , “Study of the Decoding Complexity for Rateless Erasure Codes”, pp. 30-35, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Vlad DASCAL, Paul DOLEA, Tudor PALADE, Octavian CRISTEA, “Aspects of a Low-Cost Ground Station Development for GENSO Network”, pp.36-40, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana SARACUT, Victor POPESCU , “A Model of a Dipole Antenna in a 3-D FDTD Space”, pp.41-48, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mihaela CISLARIU, Mihaela GORDAN, Aurel VLAICU, Camelia FLOREA, Silvia CIUNGU SUTEU, “Defect Detection and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Images”, pp. 49-54, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Corina BOTA, Botond S. KIREI, Albert FAZAKAS, Marina TOPA,  “The Implementation of Schroeder Reverberator on an FPGA Platform Using Xilinx System Generator”,  pp. 55-60, (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 52, Number 3/2011


·        List of reviewers

·        Vipan KAKKAR, “ Feasibility of Ultra Low Energy Devices and Applications”, pp.1-9, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ramona V. GALATUS, Lorant SZOLGA, Emil VOICULESCU, Distributed Bending Measurement Sensor, pp.10-13, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Maria-Magdalena SANTA, Octavian CUIBUS, Tiberiu LETIA,” Genetic Algorithm for Transitions Scheduling Guidance of Trains”,  pp.14-17, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ligia-Domnica CHIOREAN, Teodora SZASZ, Mircea-Florin VAIDA, Alin VOINA, “3D Reconstruction and Volume Computing in Medical Imaging”, pp.18-24, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Octavian BOTEZ, Mihai LUCANU, Ovidiu URSARU, Cristian AGHION, “Digital Technology Implementation of Peak Current Control Method with PID Compensator Applied to Buck Converter”, pp.25-28, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mircea Cristian GHERMAN, Monica BORDA, “Simulation of Stochastic Processes in Financial Modeling”, pp. 29-36, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Hlaing Htake Khaung TIN, “Gender and Age Estimation Based on Facial Images”, pp.37-40, (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 52, Number 2/2011


·        List of reviewers

·        Daulappa G. BHALKE, C. B. RAMA RAO, D. S. BORMANE, Manisha VIBHUTE, “Spectrogram Based Musical Instrument Identification Using Hidden Markov Model (HMM) For  Monophonic And Polyphonic Music  Signals”, pp.1-9, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cornelia Flavia M. VEJA, Mircea – Florin VAIDA, Gregor HAGEDORN, “Sharing the Knowledge: Semantic Mediawiki”, pp.10-17, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicolae MURESAN, Bogdan ORZA, Aurel VLAICU, Remote Monitoring of the Intelligent Buildings Parameters, pp.18-27, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Angela DARIE, Ion BOGDAN, “Hardware Implementation of Diversity Scheme for MIMO Communication”, pp.28-31, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Radu ETZ, Dorin PETREUS, “An Adaptive Digital Compensation Design for Buck Converter Topology”, pp.32-37, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana FARKAS, Elena DORAN, “Activity Recognition from Acceleration Data Collected with a Tri-Axial Accelerometer”, pp. 38-43, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana HOMANA, Irina MURESAN, Marina TOPA, Cristian CONTAN, “FPGA Implementation of an Acoustic Echo Canceller”, pp.44-47, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian CONTAN, Marina TOPA, Ioana HOMANA, Irina MURESAN, “Nonlinear Acoustic System Identification Using Adaptive Combinations of Volterra Filters”, pp.48-53, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mihaela CISLARIU, Mihaela GORDAN, Aurel VLAICU, “A Fuzzy Set Generalization of The Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting”, pp. 49-54, (abstract) (full paper)



Volume 52, Number 1/2011


·        List of reviewers

·        Vasile GUI, Gheorghe POPA, Pekka NISULA,  Veijo KORHONEN, “Finger Detection in Video Sequences Using a New Sparse Representation”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Andrei COZMA, Dan PITICA, “Programmable Control System with Applications in Direct Current Motors Control”, pp.7-12, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marius DANCIU, Mihaela GORDAN, Aurel VLAICU, Alexandru ANTONE, “A Survey of Augmented Reality in Health Care”,  pp.13-22, (abstract) (full paper)

·        T. SZELITZKY, I. INOAN, M. TULBURE, A. O. NEAGA, “Complex Model of a Series Load Induction Heating Inverter”, pp.23-27, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ana-Mirela ROTOPANESCU, Lucian TRIFINA, “Doubly Iterative Decoding of Space-Time Turbo Codes Using Log-App Algorithm”, pp.28-33, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Paul FARAGO, Lelia FESTILA, “Sub-1 V Bandgap Voltage Reference Optimization with Genetic Algorithms”, pp. 34-39, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Raul FIZESAN, Dan PITICA, “Efficient Strategies to Optimize a Power Distribution Network”, pp.40-46, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Lucian Ioan IOZAN, Jussi COLLIN, Jarmo TAKALA, Corneliu RUSU, “Inertial Indoor Navigation System”, pp.47-50, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Rodica-Elena DORAN, Ioana-Iuliana FARKAS, “Experimental Measurements of the Power Consumption for Hardware Platform eZ430-RF2480”, pp. 51-56, (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2010:


Volume 51, Number 4/2010


·        Georgian Alexandru LAZAR, Nicoleta Roxana BUZATU, Elena COJOCARIU, Lucian TRIFINA, Razvan VIERU, “New Pseudo-random Interleaver with Increased Parameters”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alexandru-Florin ANTONE, Radu ARSINTE, “An Experimental Study of Quality Analysis Methods in DVB-S/S2 Systems”, pp.7-12, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Dan PANTIS, Sorin SPINEAN, Alexandra EFIMOV, Rodica ION, Monica BORDA, “Single Wall Nanotubes Behavior in RF Field”,  pp.13-17, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marius DAVID, Monica BORDA, “A Multimodal Authentication System”, pp.17-22, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cosmina IVAN, Vasile DADARLAT, “A Conceptual Framework and Implementation for Developing WS - QoS Aware Architectures”, pp.23-30, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Satya Kumar VANKAYALA, Saida REDDY, “Design A T-Shape Slot Antenna for UWB Communications”,  pp. 31-34, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian CONTAN, Marina TOPA, Ioana HOMANA, Botond Sandor KIREI, “Nonlinear System Identification Using Adaptive Voltera Filters for Echo Canceling”, pp.35-40, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Erwin Szopos, Marina Topa, Lelia Festila, Horia HEDESIU, “FIR Synthesis of The Human Hearing Mechanism Response”, pp.41-44, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ion VORNICU, Liviu GORAS, “32x32 Parallel Analog Architecture For Image Processing Using Log Domain Active Pixel”, pp. 45-50, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Zsuzsanna-Ilona KISS, Zsolt Alfred POLGAR, Mircea GIURGIU, “Genetic Algorithms for Network Coding Optimization”, pp. 51-56, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicolae MURESAN, Bogdan ORZA, Aurel VLAICU, “Communication Between Intelligent Devices in LONWorks Control Networks”,  pp. 57-63, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 51, Number 3/2010


·        Mohamed SOLTANE, “Speech and Signature Based Multi-Modal Biometrics Verification”, pp.1-10, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Lelia FESTILA, Mihaela CIRLUGEA, Lorant SZOLGA, “Bandgap Voltage References Based on F-F-1 Functions”, pp.11-14, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Amit CHAUDHRY, Garima JOSHI, J. N. ROY, D. N. SINGH, “A Review of Current Strained Silicon Nanoscale MOSFET Structures”, pp.15-22, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Levente SZALONTAI, Lelia FESTILA, “Using Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio Technologies in Smart Home Environments”, pp.23-28, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Vasilica TATARU, Laurentiu Radu VIERIU, Liviu GORAS, “On Hand Gestures Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models”, pp.29-32, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marius Cristian URECHE, Mircea VAIDA, Alin VOINA, “Iterative Rewards Generator for Mobile Telecommunications Operators”, pp. 33-38, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioan CATUNA, Erwin SZOPOS, Marina TOPA, “Labview FPGA Implementation of Digital Reverberators”, pp.39-42, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Eugen LUPU, Simina EMERICH, “An Approach on Bimodal Biometric Systems”, pp.43-50, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicoleta Roxana BUZATU, Dimitrie ALEXA, Georgian Alexandru LAZAR, “A Three Level Voltage Inverter Used for an Induction Motor Control”, pp. 51-54, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Lucian TRIFINA, Daniela TARNICERIU, Ana-Mirela ROTOPANESCU, “Performance Analysis os Asymmetric Turbo Coded Modulation with Transmit Antenna Diversity”, pp. 55-58, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Irina I VERMESAN, Tudor PALADE, Rebeca M COLDA, “Capacity Analyses for IEEE 802.11N Narrowband and Wideband Channel Modeling”, pp. 59-62, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Zoltan German SALLO, “Filter Bank Synthesis for Adapted Wavelet Analysis”, pp. 63-66, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Vasile Teodor DADARLAT, Raluca JELER, Adrian PECULEA, Bogdan IANCU, Emil CEBUC, Cosmin ARDELEAN, “Development Framework for Congestion Avoidance Mechanism”, pp. 67-74, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Andrei Bogdan RUS, Virgil DOBROTA, Adrian VEDINAS, Georgeta BOANEA, Melinda BARABAS, “Modified Dijkstras’s Algorithm with Cross-Layer QoS”, pp. 75-80, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 51, Number 2/2010


·        Dorin CADAR, Dorin PETREUS, Toma PATARAU, Niculaie PALAGHITA , “Active Balancing Method for Battery Cell Equalization”, pp.1-5, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Dorin PETREUS, Toma PATARAU, Ionut CIOCAN, “Battery and Supercapacitor Charger Based on LLC Converter”, pp.6-13, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Norbert TOMA, Marina Dana TOPA, Botond Sandor KIREI, Ioana HOMANA, “Acoustic Analysis of a Room”, pp.14-19, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana SARACUT, Victor POPESCU, Dan Ovidiu MICU, “A Simulation of the Perfectly Matched Layer in the 3-D Case”, pp.20-25, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Florin-Claudiu POP, Marcel CREMENE, Mircea-Florin VAIDA, “Workflow Based Service Composition Using Genetic Algorithms”, pp.26-31, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Tamas VAJDA, “Using Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm Optimization for Fast Human Action Recognition”, pp. 32-37, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Raluca CATARGIU, Monica BORDA, “TLS Protocol: Secure Protocol with Client Puzzles”, pp.38-41, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Bogdan IANCU, Vasile DADARLAT, Adrian PECULEA, “A Novel End-To-End QoS Framework Over Heterogeneous Networks – An Architectural Approach”, pp.42-45, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marius NEAG, Raul ONET, Marina TOPA, “Analysing the Stability of Circuits Based on Operational Amplifiers by Using Frequency-Domain Simulations”, pp. 46-54, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 51, Number 1/2010


·        Liviu PETREAN, “Polymorphic and Metamorphic Code Applications in Portable Executable FilesProtection”, ”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Andrei COZMA, Dan PITICA, “Design of a Programmable Control System”, pp.7-14, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mohamed SOLTANE, Noureddine DOGHMANE, Noureddine GUERSI, “Text-Independent Speaker Verification: a Comparative Analysis Study”, pp.15-20, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Romulus TEREBES, Monica BORDA, Sorin POP, Cosmin LUDUSAN, Olivier LAVIALLE, “Asymmetric Diffusion and Fusion Techniques for Image Restoration”, pp.21-26, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alin VOINA, Petre G. POP, “DNA Patterns Localization Using Spectrograms”, pp.27-32, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Gabriel SIRBU, Ion BOGDAN,  “ Structure for Hard Handover Analysis Using Agents Technology”, pp. 33-38, (abstract) (full paper)



YEAR 2009:


Volume 50, Number 4/2009


·        Adrian LODIN, Sorina DEMEA, “Medical Diagnosis System Based on Iris Analysis”, pp.1-4, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Erwin SZOPOS, Horia HEDESIU, “Labview FPGA Based Noise Canceling Using the TMS Adaptive Algorithm”, pp. 5-8, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ramu PILLALAMARRI, Sasibhushana Rao GOTAPU, S.Srinivasa KUMAR, “A Novel Approach for Efficiency Enhancement and Size Miniaturization of UWB Printed Antennas”, pp.9-14, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ion RAILEAN, Sorin MOGA, Monica BORDA, “Forecasting by Neural Networks in the Wavelet Domain”, pp.15-27, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ioana SARACUT, Victor POPESCU, “A PSpice Model for Matching Circuits”, pp.28-31, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Melinda BARABAS, Georgeta L BOANEA, Kris STEENHAUT, Virgil DOBROTA, “Evaluating the Performances of the CastGate Tunnel Server over TCP and UDP Links in Multi-Client Configuration”, pp. 32-37, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Radu ARSINTE, “Aspects of Algorithm Development for Systems with Online Detection and Recognition of TV Commercials”, pp.38-42, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Erwin SZOPOS, Horia HEDESIU, Victor POPESCU, Lelia FESTILA,  Comparison of LMS Algorithm Derivatives Using Labview FPGA”, pp.43-46, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 50, Number 3/2009


·        Alexandru Luigi RICOBON, Ramona Maria TRESTIAN, “Study On The Effects Of Precipitation On Earth-to-Sattelitte Links In The Ka Band”,  pp.1-4, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Radu Gabriel BOZOMITU Vlad CEHAN, “A VLSI Implementation Of A New Low Voltage 4th Order Differential Gm-C Band-Pass Filters For Different Approximation In CMOS Technology”, pp. 5-12, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Eugen LUPU, Simina EMERICH, Francois BEAUFORT, “On-Line Signature Recognition Using A Global Features Fusion Approach”, pp.13-20, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marius NEAG, István KOVÁCS, Raul ONET, Marina TOPA, “Novel Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers For  Multistandard Integrated Radio Receivers”, pp.21-26, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cosmin LUDUSAN, Olivier LAVIALLE, Sorin POP, Romulus TEREBES, Monica BORDA, “Image Enhancement Using A New Shock Filter Formalism”, pp.27-30, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ligia CHIOREAN, Mircea F. VAIDA, Loreta SUTA, “A Medical Image Fusion Method For WEB Distributed Applications”, pp. 31-37, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian Mihai VANCEA Virgil DOBROTA, “Retrieving Call Detail Records From Asterisk Using SNMP”, pp.38-43, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Radu Gabriel BOZOMITU Vlad CEHAN, “A VLSI Implementation Of A New Low Voltage 5th Order Differential Gm-C Bessel Type Low-Pass Filter With Constant-Gm Biasing In CMOS Technology”, pp.44-51, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Rebeca Maria COLDA, Tudor PALADE, Emanuel PUSCHITA, Irina VERMESAN, Ancuta MOLDOVAN, Stefan-Victor NICOLAESCU, “BER Performance Evaluation Of A Mobile WIMAX System Over An ITU-R Pedestrian B Multipath Channel”, pp.52-55, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Eugen LUPU, Victor HODOR, Marius GHIURCAU, “Combustion Sound Analysis To Control The Burning Quality”, pp.56-63, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 50, Number 2/2009


·        Bogdan BELEAN, Monica BORDA, Albert FAZAKAS, “Hardware Strategies for Image Processing in an FPGA Based Microarray Image Processing SOC”, pp.1-4, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alexandru L RICOBON, Ramona M TRESTIAN, “Resource Management in Hybrid Wireless Networks Using Intelligent Mobile Agents”, pp. 5-8, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Andrei Bogdan RUS, Virgil DOBROTA, “Overview of The Cross-Layer Paradigm Evolving Towards Future Internet”,  pp.9-14, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Alin TISAN, Stefan ONIGA, Daniel MIC, Atilla BUCHMAN, “Digital Implementation of The Sigmoid Function for FPGA Circuits”, pp.15-20, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Monica BORDA, Olga TORNEA, Tatiana HODOROGEA, “Secret Writing by DNA Hybridization”, pp.21-24, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Norbert TOMA, Marina TOPA, Irina MURESAN, Botond KIREI, Marius NEAG, Albert FAZAKAS, “Acoustic Modelling and Optimization of a Room”, pp. 25-30, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Emilia SIPOS, Gabriel OLTEAN, Costin MIRON, “Simulink Library of Basic Building Blocks for Ternary Logic”, pp.31-36, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marcel CREMENE, Alin DRIMUS, Jean-Yves TIGLI, Stephane LAVIROTTE, Gaëtan REY, Michel RIVEILL, Costin MIRON, Mircea VAIDA, “Relevant Context Discovery for Pervasive Services Involving User Control”,  pp.37-42, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Dorin M PETREUS, Ionut C CIOCAN, Adina R RUSU, Dorin V CADAR, “Maximum Power Point Tracking Simulator in Charging Photovoltaic Systems”, pp.43-48, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 50, Number 1/2009


·        Barna KERESZTES, Olivier LAVIALLE, Sorin POP, Monica BORDA, “Fiber Segmentation in Composite Materials Using Marked Point Processes”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Lacrimioara GRAMA, Corneliu RUSU, “Divide-and-Conquer Piecewise Linear Approximation of Gain and Phase Evaluation”, pp. 7-14, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Adrian CHIOREANU, Aurel VLAICU, Bogdan ORZA, “3D Surface Reconstruction and Comparison System Used for Marking Local Defects of Tested Objects”, pp.15-18, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Anghel BOTOS, Mihai P. STEF, Aurel VLAICU, “Study on the Performance of Coding-Assisted Swarm Communications”, pp.19-24, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mihai P. STEF, Anghel BOTOS, Aurel VLAICU, “Performance Analysis of Network Coding-Based Cooperation Algorithms Employed in Cellular Networks”, pp.25-30, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Arpad Zsolt BODO, Gavril TODEREAN, Ovidiu BUZA, “TTS Experiments: Romanian Prosody”, pp. 31-36, (abstract) (full paper)

·        L. BOURAS, M. KADJOUDJ, “Vector Control of Induction Motor Based Space Vector Modulation”, pp.37-41, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Gabriel OLTEAN, Mihaela GORDAN, Emilia SIPOS, Eugen STANCEL, Ovidiu DANCEA,  “Fuzzy Logic Based Decision Making for Hydroelectric Energy Generation in a Cascaded Hydropowerplants”, pp.42-48, (abstract) (full paper)


YEAR 2008:


Volume 49, Number 4/2008


·        Irina DORNEAN, Marina TOPA, Botond Sandor KIREI, “Digital Implementation of Artificial Reverberation Algorithms”, pp.1-4, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Liviu ANDRON, Toader MELINTE, “A Functional Model for A Standalone Fingerprint Recognition System” , pp. 5-8, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Adrian JOLDIS, Dorin ISOC, Ion GAZIUC , Aurelian IGNAT-COMAN,  “Feedback Control vs. Integrated Control. A Case Study: Variable Volume Room Experimental Benchmark”, pp.9-14, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Radu ARSINTE,  “An Experimental Architecture For Basic IPTV Concepts Implementation and Testing”, pp.15-18, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Stefan WERNER, Fernando GREGORIO, Juan COUSSEAU, Jose FIGUEROA, Risto WICHMAN,  “Broadband Power Amplifier Nonlinearity Cancellation in OFDM Systems”, pp.19-22, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ligia CREMENE, Marcel CREMENE, Nicolae CRISAN, Tudor PALADE,  “Multiple-Input Adaptive Combiner-Equalizer for Wireless Communications”,  pp. 23-27, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Simina EMERICH,  “Improvement of the Wavelet Analysis Techniques by Using B-SPLINE Functions Family”, pp.28-33, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Rebeca Maria COLDA, Tudor PALADE, Emanuel PUSCHITA,  “Broadband Wireless Access and Mobility Solution Using IEEE 802.16: Concepts and Architecture”, pp.34-37, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Ancuta MOLDOVAN, Traian VILA, Tudor PALADE, Emanuel PUSCHITA, “Performance Analysis of MIMO Technology in Mobile Wireless Systems”, pp.38-41, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Corneliu RUSU, Sergiu CADAR, Silviu CORBU, Lacrimioara GRAMA,Marius SIRBU, “Design of An Intelligent Systems for Monitoring and Assisting of Neoplazic Patients”, pp.42-45, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 49, Number 3/2008


·        Colin F. N. COWAN,  “Towards Structure, Time and Statistical Agility”, pp.1-4, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Pertti KELLOMAKI, Vladimir GUZMA, Jarmo TAKALA,  Safe Pre-Pass Software Bypassing for Transport Triggered Processors”, pp. 5-10, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marius OLTEAN, Maria KOVACI, Horia BALTA, Andrei CAMPEANU,  “Multy Binary Turbo Coded WOFDM Performance in Flat Rayleigh Fading Channels”, pp.11-16, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Horia BALTA, Daniel BOSNEAGU, Maria KOVACI, Marius OLTEANU,  “A Study of the Permutation Schemes Used in the Mobile WIMAX”, pp.17-20, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Corina NAFORNITA, Alexandru ISAR,  “Watermarking Based on the Hyperanalytic Wavelet Transform”, pp.21-28, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Cristian ANDRIESEI, Liviu GORAS,  “On The Tuning Performance of an Active RF Bandpass Filter”, pp. 29-34, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Adriana N. SIRBU, Victor-Andrei V. D. MAIORESCU, Ioan I. CLEJU, “A Zigbee Solution for Telemedicine Applications”, pp.35-38, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Eugen LUPU, Petre G. POP,  “Multimodal Biometric Systems Overview”, pp.39-44, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Mircea GIURGIU,  “Exploring Fine Phonetic Detail for Romanian Text to Speech Synthesis”, pp.45-48, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Sorin ZOICAN,  “The Role of Programmable Digital Signal Processors (DSP) for 3G Mobile Communication Systems”, pp.49-56, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Romulus TEREBES, Otmane LAHLOU,  “Camera Phone Based Barcode Decoding System”, pp.57-62, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 49, Number 2/2008


·        Costel PETREA, “Audio Susceptibility of the Buck Converter in Current-Mode Power Stage”, pp.1-6, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Petre G POP,  “A Visual Tool For DNA Repeats Localization”, pp. 7-10, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Carol RUS, Lacrimioara GRAMA, Andrei DUSLEAG, Corneliu RUSU,  “Phase Unwrapping Algorithms Implemented on a Symbian Based Mobile Device”, pp.11-18, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Lorant Andras SZOLGA, Lelia FESTILA, Mihaela CÎRLUGEA,  “Four Quadrant Analog Current Mode Modular Multiplier Designed with Differential Amplifiers”, pp.19-22, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Anca APATEAN (DISCANT), Alexandrina ROGOZAN, Simina EMERICH, Abdelaziz BENSRHAIR,  “Wavelets as Features for Objects Recognition”, pp.23-26, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicolae CRISAN, Ligia CHIRA CREMENE,  “A Novel Concept of a MIMO Orthogonal Space Combiner”, pp. 27-34, (abstract) (full paper)


Volume 49, Number 1/2008


·        Iolanda ALECSANDRESCU, Liviu GORAS,  “Gershgorin Circles Associated to Double Grid Second Order Cellular Neural Networks”, pp.1-7, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Laurentiu ACASANDREI, Marius NEAG,  “A Fast Parallel Huffman Decoder for FPGA Implementation”, pp. 8-15, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Nicolae Dumitru ALEXANDRU,  “Spectral Characterization of Two Families of Fiber Optic Transmission Codes”, pp.16-19, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Anghel V CONTIU, Adina TOPA, Vasile T DADÂRLAT,  “A Virtuallab Approach for Wireless Sensor Motes and Wireless Sensor Networks”, pp.20-25, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Adina TOPA, Anghel V CONTIU, Vasile T DADÂRLAT,  “A Mule Based Strategy for Wireless Sensor Motes to Reduce Power Consumption”, pp.26-29, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Marcel CREMENE, Michel RIVEILL, Christian MARTEL,  “Unanticipated Dynamic Adaptation of Context-Aware Services”, pp. 30-35, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Stefan GHEREA, Aurel VLAICU,  “Segmentation of Color Images Using a Combination Between Markov Random Fields and Graphs”, pp.36-41, (abstract) (full paper)

·        Dorin PETREUS, Cristian FARCAS, Ionut CIOCAN,  “Modeling and Simulation of Photovoltaic Cells”, pp.42-47, (abstract) (full paper)